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Most people have decided to explore their sexuality and have managed to get anal stimulation. However, some are still unsure how it feels and how to get the annual stimulation. Below is detailed information on anal sex.

There has been an increase in the production of sex toys for anal stimulation. This has made it easier for the people who get pleasure from it. Are you curious about anal sex? You are not alone. So many people want to be informed in the area. Anal sex might seem to be a taboo, but the fact remains it is being explored behind closed doors by both men and women. Before you try, you should know about the dos and the dons and what to prepare. Anal stimulation can be done by some of the sex toys, such as the butt plugs and the anal beads. This article highlights all the things you need to know about anal sex.

Anal Sex Should Not Hurt

For most people, anal sex is painful, and those exploring the area always persevere with the pain. It will only have pain if you dine in the wrong way; when you have digestive issues or hemorrhoids and sex stimulation is not for you. According to Taormino (2006), anal sex should not be painful. You should consider having lubricant during the session, be it solo play or with a partner, because, unlike the vagina, the anus cannot lubricate itself. According to Wilson et al. (2017), lubricants are used during procreative intercourse to moderate the amount of wetness in the genitals. Silicone-based lubricants are the best to use during the game because they are thick and will not dry up like water-based lubricants. However, Crosby et al. (2004) explained that water-based lubes are the best for condoms.

It Can Cause an Orgasm

Anal stimulation can cause orgasms to be full of about a thousand nerves which makes the sensation very intense. Most women feel good with anal stimulation. However, you cannot beat yourself up with anal sex. Climaxing is an added sensation since you will experience more massive orgasms than you expect. Therefore, anal stimulation can be done simultaneously with the clitoral on a woman and a d the perineum on the man. This is the option most people have because only a few can get to the G-spot through the anus and the vagina.

It Won't Stretch You Out

Most people are scared of having anal stimulation because of the fear that it will stretch them out. However, the fact remains it cannot make the area bigger or wider. The anus has a sphincter muscle that facilitates expansion and contraction. Therefore, it can easily expand to accommodate the penis or the sex toy. After penetration, the anus will bounce back to the usual size just like it does during the bowel movement. You should know that despite the anus having the muscles that help in the contraction and expansion, it cannot stretch more than the vaginal muscles. 

Use Condom

Condoms provide a smooth surface for the penetration of the penis since the area around the anus has fragile muscles that are susceptible to microscopic tear tears. According to Abdool Karim et al. (2019), anal sex without a condom can facilitate the transfer of bacteria from the anus to the bloodstream, which can cause inflammation. Therefore, use separate condoms if you will have vaginal penetration. This is to prevent the spread of anal bacteria to the vagina. It should also be known that during anal penetration, you should not use the oil-based lubes with a condom because it can degrade the latex of the condom, making it rapture.

Start Slowly

Newbies should try out anal sex after they have climaxed and are sexually satisfied from the vaginal stimulation. You are there relaxed during the try-out, making sure you are too cautious not to get any injuries. It is also good to try it out with your partner in the bathtub or the shower. Anal sex allows your partner to massage the anal area to make it relaxed. If you are always concerned about your cleanliness have a trial while in the shower to make you feel clean. Your mind should focus on the feeling you will get during the stimulation. Do worry about traces of fecal matter because they are held much higher in the small intestine. You cannot imagine it is your fast time to have anal stimulation, yet all you have is to get the toy or penis and directly penetrate it into your anus; without physical and mental preparation, it will turn out to be mourning instead of feeling the pleasure. This will create a wrong perception, and you end up hating having anal exploration and stimulations because of your ignorance.


Before the session, has extensive communication with your partner. The talk should be away from the bedroom and while you are dressed, have some code that you will use to make your partner understand your progress. This is always the way when trying a new sexual stimulation. Your partner will not know if you are mourning out of pain or pleasure. Therefore, you should have the codes that will make him understand. This will enhance both of you and enjoy exploring and feeling the sensation.

 Another thing to do is to skip the cinema. Here, what is needed is the recent bowels, movement, soap, and water. An item can cause skin irritation in the area and the intestinal lining. Therefore, you do not need to include so much when you can access the easily available and safe material to use.

Try a Toy

It is not a must to be with your partner. You can try anal sex solo by using the available sex toys. Be cautious while using a toy. Unlike the vaginal opening, which is closed, the anus is open, and you can get the toys stuck in there; you cannot imagine that. Handle the toy well, and you can get advice from experienced people to give you some tips and the styles that you can use to enhance your anal pleasure.


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