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Guys are boobor leg men. However,in the bedroom, all guys are bum men. Some curious men investigate if the key is fitting, while others  are unstable like junk mail flyers. However, men's goal is the same, they want in.

Globally, there are bisexual men or gay who like anal sex. However, there are also bisexual or gay, men who do not love anal sex. Furthermore, some are heterosexuals, they love anal play. Human sexual interest is diverse. Someone loving a type of sex will be shown by itself that a certain somebody loves this type of activity.

Things you should know about anal sex

Anal sex always lacks any state of intimacy

The position women take during anal play is bent over, in which the man comes over her or on top looking directly at the lady's back. For men, there is the rise of domination and power when it comes to anal sex. Also, there is no connection and interaction throughface-to-face, intimacy, and eye contact. In some cultures, men suppress most of their emotions compared to women, and many take anal sex comfortably due to the lack of intimacy. On the other hand, women find it unsatisfying because of the same lack of intimacy.

Men love novelty compared to ladies.

A woman will need something she likes sexually repeated more than once. On the other side, men will need certain distinct stimuli for them to stay engaged. According to some country's culture and beliefs, anal and or anus sex is taboo compared to vaginal sex. It is viewed from a negative perspective while vaginal sex is a rightful act. Anal sex is a dirty act, a label that guys who are addicted to novelty yearnfor.

Some men are captivated by their bums secretly

There is a deep psychological burden in guysbecause they think that the anus is their great source of pleasure.  This is because the prostate is in the rectum. Most gents might not have experimented anal sex. However, in their psychological instinct, they take the anus as the part that produces the greatest pleasure. Because of the cultural homophobia, there is still this internal idea of anal sex if homosexuality is healthy and good. Some men think, once they enjoy something inside their ass, they become gay. As a result, most gents displace their desires to experience pleasure in the ass hole. Therefore, they look like women, which is a posterior motive.

Many straight and direct guysare turned off by the mention of anal sex. However, you should not ignore fear stimulating your ass.

Why should you consider anal play?

The butt hole and the anus have numerous nerve endings like the penis or the vagina. The prostate gland, an erogenous zone,is found in the rectum. Most people might have an orgasm by stimulating the prostate gland. However, this is something that most direct and straight men are not aware of. There is a pleasure from butt hole sex that may lead to unimaginable intense sensations and orgasms.

Furthermore, since the anal plug is considered taboo, most people find it exciting. However, most men do not perceive anal play as taboo. Breaking the taboo adds a naughty experience to your sexual life. There are variousways in which you can play with the butt hole. Most people find it exciting and pleasuring to explore the forbidden area.

Is anal play considered a gay act?

It is shameful that some gents are under a caveman mentality that anything to do with butt is gay. Sexual interest is defined by the gender or people around you. However, that is not in any way related to the parts of the body you choose to play with. In most cases, many gay or bi men find it enjoyable to do oral sex. Here's a question, does bi or gay men enjoying oral sex make them gay? That is not the case.

There are numerous nerve endings in the butt hole. It feels nice to stimulate the prostate gland in the rectum with the presence of those nerve endings. The only one way anal play is considered gayis developing interest in a man, desiring him to explore your but hole.

When the idea of directly aiming the butt hole seems intimidating, experiment with it using a grundle, the skin between the anus and testicles.  It will actively respond when gently massagedusing fingers while masturbating. You may also ask your partner to do it for you. Some people will consider butt play a gay act while others do not, depending on what people you interact with or your country.

The bottom line

It is worth your effort to try exploring the butt hole. Since some people may not like solo play, you can ask your lady to explore it with you. Anal play feels comfortable and more pleasurable when you find someone who is experienced in exploring the zone. For those who might feel nervous, ask your close partner to insert her finger in your butt. A good partner should be respectful of your desires and request.  Before exploring the butt hole, it is always better to have enough fore play. Otherwise, you may be injured, making you to hate the anal play. Additionally, anal play is considered gay by straight gents compared to others. Therefore, whether it is a gay act or not depends on how you take it.

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