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Is Anal Sex Safe? Here Is All You Need To Know

Is Anal Sex Safe? Here Is All You Need To Know

Is Anal Sex Safe? Here Is All You Need To Know

Anal sex is an abomination subject even if its popularity increases as a trusted sexual act. Many people find anal sex more pleasurable, but you need to know the risks, proper strategy, and reward before venturing.

Having anal sex does not mean you are gay or have a particular problem, but all about fun. You can have anal sex with your partner or use sex toys. Anal sex is not necessarily penile penetration but can be done using a tongue, sex toys, fingers, anal sex dildos, anal plugs, and vibrators. Anal sex is unsafe, and it requires a lot of communication, preparation, and planning than any other sexual act. While making love, safety is the most vital thing most couples should prioritize. In case of any curiosity, you must make proper preparation before you start the play. Follow the practices keenly and prevent the risks of illness or injury. Below are discussed things you need to know before you venture into anal sex pleasure.

Use Sufficient Lubricant

The anus does not produce a natural lubricant like the vagina. Penetration, be it with vibrators, penis, fingers, or anal plugs, can be painful and lead to bleeding without a lube. This means you have to use plenty of lubricants because anal tissues are sensitive and delicate. Lubricants will reduce friction and make penetration pleasurable.

Tissues Found Inside and Outside the Anus Are Very Sensitive

The anus has skin and tissues that offer protection to half of the bottom part of the digestive tract. However, the tissue found inside the anal hollow is very thin and delicate hence easy to tear or bleed during penetration. This doubles the chances of spreading infections, bacteria, or viruses among partners.

Anal Cavity Has Muscles Which Relaxes for a Comfortable Penetration

The sphincter works as the rectum gatekeeper.  However, these muscles need to relax to enhance penetration and prevent the skin from tearing. To be more relaxed, you require a lot of patience when trying penetration until you become familiar with anal sex.

Anus Has Bacteria

When having anal sex, the only thing that one has to worry about is sexually transmitted diseases. The bacteria living in the anal cavity can spread quickly if you don't follow all the tidy precautions after anal sex. When using a condom, make sure you change it before inserting the penis into the vagina. If one uses toys or hands, wash them thoroughly after the play. This will help prevent bacterial infections such as Coli and hepatitis A.

Frequently Asked Questions

A couple should consider the following frequently asked questions concerning anal sex, which will help them decide wisely.

Does it Hurt?

When you do it correctly, there will be no discomfort or pain during the first or after a few attempts of anal sex.  Take time and make sure that you are relaxed and comfortable. Try using one or two-finger as you slowly adjust. You should also start with small sex toys.

Is Bleeding Normal?

It is possible to experience bleeding during the first and second anal sex, but it will stop after some time. Suppose the bleeding persists and continues on every round of anal sex. In that case, you should seek medical attention because this might be a sign of an underlying concern or a rough penetration.   

Will My Ability to Poop Be Affected?  

After the anal play, you may feel the urge to use the bathroom. However, anal sex does not prevent you from pooping. It will also not stretch the anal cavity and make it difficult to hold the waste products from the bowel. 

 Other Side Effects


These sexually transmitted infections include herpes, gonorrhea, HIV, and chlamydia. Among all sexual activities, anal sex is the highest in transmitting these infections, with HIV leading on the list.


Pushing and stretching arising from anal penetration may irritate the existence of hemorrhoids, but it also stretches and dilates blood vessels in the rectum and anal cavity.

Colon Perforation

It's uncommon but possible; anal sex may make a hole in the colon. In this case, one can undergo surgery to repair the mess. The symptom usually includes abdominal pain and rectal bleeding.

Safe Ways of Practicing Safe Anal Sex

Anal sex is the best way of having fun as a couple. Give this new sexual adventure some preparation and planning. Below are some ways to prepare for anal sex.                                                                                                                                                                

Talk to Your Partner

Avoid making anal sex a surprise or request it in the middle of romance or penetration. It will break the trust and cause insecurity. Your partner must consent to have good anal sex by talking to them.


Before you engage in anal sex, make sure you do some cleaning. Use an enema to clean your anal cavity. You can also shower or use wipes to clean your anus 30 minutes before the play.

Apply Sufficient Lube and Go Slowly

The anus does not produce natural lube like the vagina, so applying sufficient lube is essential to avoid painful friction during penetration. When using toys, make sure the lube is compatible with the toys. You should also go slowly during penetration to avoid damaging the sensitive anal tissues.

The Bottom Line

Anal sex is the best way to explore your sexual fantasies as a couple. Agreeing on anal sex does not mean you are gay or have any problem, but it is all about pleasure. You can have anal sex with your partner or use the tongue, sex toys, fingers, dildos, or anal plugs instead of concentrating only on penile penetration. Anal sex is unsafe and requires a lot of communication, preparation, and planning than any other sexual act.

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