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Types of Anal Sex Toys

Types of Anal Sex Toys

Types of Anal Sex Toys

By Elena Ognivtseva

Sex Toys can be a great way to introduce your self to anal stimulation for both men and women. Anal masturbation is a great way to explore even more sexual stimulation than just vaginal for women or penile for men. The muscles and nerve endings around the anus are highly sensitive, when stimulated you can experience endless sexual arousal and pleasure.

Because Anal Sex Toys some in all different sizes, Anal Sex Toys are a great way for you to get to know what kind of stimulation you like there, so lets get started.

Anal Beads

Small Anal BeadsAnal beads are great for beginners who are trying out anal pleasure for the very first time but are intimidated by Butt Plugs, Anal Vibrators or Anal Dildos. Anal beads come in all sizes, shapes and materials, some are made of rubber-like jelly, while others are hard glass types.

The traditional anal beads are a made of a series of beads knotted into place with a type of nylon string with a ring at the end. The beads gradually get bigger in size. These beads are gently inserted into the rectum and then pulled out by the ring, often at the time of orgasm to intensify the feelings 10 fold.

Butt Plugs

Playing with a butt plug is also a great way to introduce a larger object for anal stimulation as well. Butt plugs are also called anal plugs and are usually diamond shaped with a short stem and a wide base almost like a wine glass shape. They also come in many sizes, lengths, girths and even shapes, often with various rest and stop points.

Small Butt PlugThe flat base is there to help prevent the butt plug from slipping into the rectum, unless a vagina where they can’t really get lost, anally they be problematic to get back if you lose them. The Short Stem in the middle allows your anal muscles to hold the plug in place without it slipping out as your sphincter naturally contracts.

This shape and your muscle contractions create a sort of pushing and pulling inside your rectum, resulting in endless anal stimulation just by wearing the plug.

Tail Butt Plugs

A tail butt plug is essentially the same as a normal butt plug only its usually decorated with a tail or some description and used for animal play, which is a fantasy or being a certain animal, then the accompanying role-play. Popular types are Pony, Fox, Dog, Piglet or Horse, there are other types of play.

Generally the Tail Butt Plug’s shape will match the play, so a Pony Tail for Pony Play and a Fox Tail for Fox and Hound play.

Recommended Tail Butt Plugs: Doc Johnson Pony Play Butt Plug Small, Under £22 with Free Delivery.

Anal Dildo

Small White Anal DildoUsing an Anal Dildo, can bring you heightened orgasmic sensation when used correctly.

Anal dildos come in all shapes and sizes, If you are a beginner to anal exploration, then I would suggest buying a small sized slender dildo, without too much texture or shape just to get used to it.

The Pure White Toper is an excellent choice, with an almost penis like shape, means you’ll be ready for more in no time.

Anal Vibrator

An anal vibrator, is a close variation on Anal Dildo Sex Toys, but not all people like Anal Thrusting but do enjoy Anal Stimulation.

Small Multi-Function VibratorThe solution to this problem is adding varying amounts of Vibration, a well chosen Vibrator can make you see stars and experience astounding sexual pleasure.

Its worth investing a few extra in toys that have multiple vibration functions.

Remember that forcing anything into your anus will tear your rectum, its also important to remember the anal cavity has a very different texture and levels of elasticity than a vagina. In light of this start slimmer and work up to get a more fuller feeling, Inflatable toys are another option to start slimmer and pump it up to get the desired girth, without buying multiple toys.

Anal Dildo and Vibrator Sex Play offers a huge sense of sensual satisfaction, and amazing orgasms.

In Conclusion

Always remember that exploring your body is very essential in having a great sex life. Anal stimulation offers a different orgasmic pleasure, than that of vaginal.

Learn how to give the maximum orgasm possible this is something you can’t afford to miss at any cost.

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