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What Are Anal Dildos And How To Use Them

What Are Anal Dildos And How To Use Them

What Are Anal Dildos And How To Use Them

By Ekaterina Mironova

What is an Anal Dildo

Anal Dildos

Anal stimulation can be an enjoyable part of a healthy sex life either on your own or with your partner. One of the most common anal sex toys is the anal dildo. An anal dildo can simulate your anal sex experience as well as provide many other exciting sensations for your back door that you never knew existed.

One of the first things to look for when learning about and selecting an anal dildo is the base of the product. Unlike a vagina, items can get lost in your anus and this is not a pleasant feeling or experiance that anyone needs to feel. It is important that you only Use dildos specifically designed for anal use. Anal dildos will likely have a flared base that will keep them from slipping all the way into the anus. Once an item is inside your butt, you may have to get it removed by a medical professional. I’m sure that’s experience you can live without. So remember, play it safe and only use sex toys designed for anal.

How To Choose An Anal Dildo

When you are learning about the different types of anal dildos on the market, one thing you need to think about when selecting an anal dildo is the material it is made from. Choose something that is non-porous and easy to clean, such as high quality silicone or glass dildo. Glass and silicone can be sanitized in a dish washer, unlike most other materials which require thorough hand washing. Another thing to pay attention to when choosing your beginners anal dildo is that some butt toys have fancy designs and textures on them. The textures offer extra sensations but it can also make clean up a nightmare. Keep this in mind when shopping for an anal dildo. If clean up just isn’t your thing, you can also put a lubricated condom over your sex toy before use. When you’re finished, just dispose of the condom. Easy, simple, and clean and you still get to enjoy the pleasures that your new anal sex toy has to offer.

Choosing The Right Size Anal Dildo

If you are new to choosing anal sex toys, The size of the toy is an incredibly important factor you need to consider – diameter more so than length. If you’re new to anal play, you should start with an anal dildo that is very small in diameter such as the Basix Butt Plug for beginners. If you crave a more filling anal experience, try a wider anal dildo. 1 inch in diameter is the most common width but you can get much wider dildos if you so desire. A great example of a larger dildo may be the Platinum Legend anal butt plug.

If you are interested in mounting your dildo of a solid surface or harness, look for a dildo with a suction cup base. An anal dildo with a suction cup base is especially usefully if you are looking for some solo anal play. You can stick it in your shower or on the refrigerator and have a good old time.

One thing you will definitely need to use in conjunction with any anal dildo is a good anal lubricant. The anus does not produce its own natural lubrication like a vagina or a penis. Trying to insert objects into a non-lubricated anus can easily result in injury. Use a thick lubricant that is compatible with the material of your anal toy. If you’re using a glass dildo, silicone lubricant is a good choice. If you have a silicone toy, use a water-based lubricant instead as your lube of choice. Even if you are using a lubricated condom over your toy, you will probably need additional lubrication. Don’t hesitate to reapply as necessary. Besides, lube is alot of fun – the more you have the wilder you can get with your sex toy!

How To Use Anal Dildos

Learning to use an anal dildo is not that different from using a butt plug and like butt plugs, anal dildos are a good way to explore anal penetration to see if you like it before you try it with a partner or anal sex for that matter. If you’re just starting to explore this kind of sex play we recommend reading this article thoroughly on How to use anal dildos correctly and safely. Once you’re ready to start playing with your anal dildo we have a number of great tips to ensure you get the most out of your experiance.

Start Solo

First thing you need to learn when starting out with anal dildos is, what does your body like? Even if you’re planning on using an anal dildo with a partner, we recommend starting out on your own. This gives you the chance to explore and experiment with your new toy without any distractions. Using an anal dildo on your own is also important as it’s the only way you’ll be able to tell your partner how you want them to use it on you and if they are satisfying your urges.

Anal Dildo Care & Safety Tips

When you first get your anal dildo delivered, be sure to wash it well before its first use. Look over it carefully and check for tears, seams or rough edges. Make sure you’ve read and understood the care instructions for the material your anal dildo is made of.

Bacteria that lives happily and freely in your anus can cause major problems elsewhere, like the vagina, the mouth, the eyes. When you’re playing with anal penetration you need to be careful not to touch other parts of your body (or things like your bottle of lube) with fingers or toys that have been inside your butt. We recommend using condoms on anal dildos and using gloves for your hands. This makes clean up much easier, faster and cleaner which lets you move on to other things you are looking to try with your partner.

Start Slow

For beginners who have never used an anal dildo or anal sex toy before it is important to start slowly when starting penetration. Remember not to force it in your butt, but instead press it against your body and relax, breathe, and bare down a bit until you can feel your sphincter muscles relax and the anal dildo slips in with ease. See how far you can comfortably take the dildo into your body. This shouldn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable. If it does, slow down the pace and add more lube to your toy. If you continue to feel pain, try changing your physical position. Next you can start experimenting with moving the dildo in and out of your body for extra stimulation.

When you’re feeling comfortable and confident in your early stages you can start experimenting with slower and faster strokes and with varying the depth of penetration with your anal dildo. Try to build up speed, notice the difference between fast shallow strokes and slow deep ones. Pay attention to your breathing and to how the rest of your pelvis and body feel during anal penetration. This is one of the great benefits of using sex toys to explore your body; you can do it on your own and focus solely on your own pleasure and response before playing with your partner.

Using Anal Dildos For Double Penetration

Many couples like to use anal dildos for double penetration. Double penetration is an activity that requires a lot of patience, lubricant, and protection if you’re going to do it safely. For women it’s important to remember not to transfer any fluids or material from the anus to the vagina. If you’re interested in exploring double penetration we recommend reading about it first, and starting with small anal dildos to get your body used to the feeling of something moving in and out. Same goes for males. for gay males interested in using a double ended dildo for anal play, the same rules apply as does those for guys looking to have fun with anal play with their female partner. A great double ended dildo for beginners is the Bend It Skeletal Core Double Dong.

No matter what your thoughts in the past have been on anal sex, toys and play? Today, more individuals and couples are experimenting with anal than ever before. With recent trends that we are seeing in our own online anal sex toys sales, we do not see this slowing down any time soon.

If you have any questions or comments on using anal dildos or anal sex toys in general, please leave us a comment below, and join the conversation!

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