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Every Woman For Herself: Women Are Now Buying As Many Condoms As Men

Every Woman For Herself: Women Are Now Buying As Many Condoms As Men

Every Woman For Herself: Women Are Now Buying As Many Condoms As Men

Are you a woman? Have you ever tried using female condoms during kinky penetrative sex? If not, consider buying one since women are now embracing them for pleasurable and protective sex.

Female condoms are also known as femidoms or internal condoms. Like the male condoms, they prevent you from sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and STIs. Moreover, female condoms are also appropriate for preventing unwanted pregnancies during intimate vaginal sex. Furthermore, erotic male condoms can be used during kinky anal penetrative sex to prevent bacterial infections. They are a great choice that partners should consider including in their sex toy collection. You can also use your female condoms with sex toys. There is a wide range of female condoms types based on materials. This allows you to choose depending on your personal preferences and tastes.

What Are Female Condoms

Female condoms are sex toy accessories worn by women inside the pussy or anus. They are worn to prevent semen and bodily fluids from penetrating into the body. These amazing condoms are made from soft and smooth plastic material (nitrile). Although they are designed specifically for females, they can also be used by any gender for anal sex.

Most health care professionals and sexual health clinics often offer these female condoms for free to encourage protected sex. Moreover, they are also sold in pharmacies and shops where you can easily access them. However, some females lack the courage to shop for these condoms. In these cases, you can buy your female condoms from reputable online stores. Here’re some notable brands of female condoms; Dominique, Femidom, Myfemy, Femy, Care, Della, Elegance, and Protective.

Why You Need Female Condoms

Female condoms work perfectly well in ensuring you have a safe and comfortable sexual experience with your partner. But why do you need to have one in your collection? Generally, condoms are essential sex accessories for both males and females. Moreover, they are excellent in protecting both partners against most STIs, HIV, and pregnancies. Using condoms during sex allows you to enjoy relaxed and safe sexual intercourse.

Top Tips for Using Female Condoms

Female condoms are a great choice for those who want to explore penetrative sex. Here are some of the top common tips for using these fetish fantasy female condoms.

  • Condoms are only designed to offer you protection against sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and STIs. They are also a perfect choice for those who aren't ready for early pregnancies.
  • Avoid doubling condoms up. When using female condoms, your male partner shouldn’t wear a condom. Generally, this doesn’t make sex safe or pleasurable. Also, it can easily lead to condom breakage because of excess friction.
  • Consider using a new condom any time you are engaging in sexual intercourse. Condom reuse is not allowed since one can easily be affected by bacteria. Also, when having anal penetration or oral sex, consider using new male or female condoms.

How to Use Female Condoms

Female condoms may seem daunting when using them for the first time, they are generally easy to use. They only require minimal practice.

Before You Begin

  • Ensure you thoroughly check the condom's expiry date before use to prevent you from using the wrong thing. Also, check the condom brand and stick on the brands that offer durable and standard condoms.
  • Keep your condoms where you can easily access them during sexual intercourse. Consider placing them beside your bed where you cannot strain to find them when you need them.
  • Take your condoms carefully from the packs to avoid breaking them even before use. Also, avoid using scissors or your teeth.

Vaginal Sex

All condoms come with instructions on how to use them. You can read the pack carefully and understand how you are supposed to use them.

  • You can sit, stand, squat, or lie, but ensure you are in a comfortable position to easily insert the condom. Ensure the large ring on the condoms covers the opening of the vagina perfectly. It should be outside the body.
  • When having sexual intercourse, ensure the penis is inside the condom even before starting. You can help insert your partner’s penis to ensure it is in the perfect place.
  • Twist the large condom ring carefully after sex to prevent leakage.
  • Dispose of the condom where necessary. Consider using new condoms every time you engage in sex.

Anal Sex

Female condoms are great and can be used by any gender. Here, they can be used for protection against sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and STIs during anal sex. when having anal sex, the female condom should be worn as male condoms. Here is how to use female condoms during anal sex.

  1. Apply plenty of anal gel or lube around the anal opening, then gently squeeze the condom’s inner ring for easy insertion inside the rectum.
  2. Place your finger inside your condom, then push it gently. The condom's outer ring should be less outside. Trying to remove the outer ring might break the condom.
  3. Withdraw the penis or sex toy, gently twist the inner ring to prevent the semen from splitting.

What to do if the Condom Breaks

Condoms designed by reputable brands and companies hardly break before, during, or after sexual intercourse. They are properly made using high-quality and durable material to ensure you comfortably use them. However, in case it accidentally breaks or sticks inside the anus or vagina, simply do the following:

  • Withdraw the dick immediately
  • Remove excess semen to help prevent it from sticking
  • Use clean unscented, and biodegradable wipes to clean the outsides of your anus or vagina. However, avoid washing the inside of both the vagina and anus to prevent bacterial infection.
  • You can pee to push the semen if you are having vaginal intercourse in the shower.
  • Ensure you visit a health professional or your doctor in case of any emergency.

Final Thoughts

Condoms give the best sexual experience whenever introduced in a sexual relationship. They are barriers to different sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV & STIs, and other toxins. Therefore, ensure you have condoms whenever you want sex, be it a female or male condom. Moreover, always go for a latex condom for an amazingly comfortable and safe sexual experience.