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How To Make Using Condoms A Little Bit Sexier

How To Make Using Condoms A Little Bit Sexier

How To Make Using Condoms A Little Bit Sexier

By Ekaterina Mironova

Let's be honest; sometimes condoms feel like nothing more than an unwanted interruption to the flow of your steamy between the sheets sessions. Having to stop your progress to search for one can halt the passion in its tracks, especially if you don't store them within arm's reach of your bed. Condoms also have a bad reputation between men for being uncomfortable and for dulling sensation.

So, how can you add a bit of sexy fun back into using condoms so they don't feel like such a drag, and how can you lessen your partner's reluctance towards them? After all it's so important that you use them to protect yourself against unwanted pregnancies and STIs! Take a look below for my tips for getting the best out of your packet of condoms…

Make sure you're using the right type:

First of all you need to be sure that the condoms you have are appropriate for the type of sex you are having and the size of your partner's penis. Standard sized condoms are around 7 inches long and will stretch up to 1 extra inch. If your partner is bigger than that then I'd suggest buying a pack of XL condoms to see how they fit. If the condom is too tight then it can lead to a reduction in sensation, however if they are too large then you run the risk of it coming off. Experiment a bit to see what works for you! If you'd like more information on the types of condoms current available on the market then check out my previous post; The Ultimate Guide to Condoms.

Practice putting it on swiftly:

One of the main bugbears about condoms is that they can take a little while to put on which interrupts the passion, however this is easily remedied with a bit of practice. It might sound a bit juvenile but practicing on a banana is actually a really good idea as it will mean then when things get hot and heavy you can whip out a condom and pop it on before he realises what's happened…well, almost! You can also learn to put a condom on with your mouth, but make sure that it's a non-spermicidal brand! Using a flavoured condom for this will make it even more enjoyable; simply pop the condom between your lips with the teat end facing inwards and gently suck to keep it in place, place it over the head of the penis and use your lips (not teeth!) to roll in down, completing the job with your fingers.

Dive into your toy box:

If your partner is complaining about loss of sensation and you've determined that the condom isn't too tight then invest in a vibrating cock ring and place it on before you roll the condoms down. This will make up for any numbness around the base of the penis, and it's great for you too! Here are some of my favourite examples from the Peaches and Screams website:

Blissmate Vibrating Cock Ring

Woohoo Vibrating Cock Ring

O Wow Reusable Vibrating Cock Ring Bullet

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