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Dildos are made of different materials, making it easy to choose the best material to serve your needs. You can choose a dildo that works for you based on the size, surface, and base of the dildo.

The rubber dildos are most convenient because they are flexible and can be used in any sex position you desire. The material can easily warm up and cope with the body's temperature, giving you a steamy moment you were yearning for. This article provides a guide on rubber dildos.

A Guide on Rubber Dildos 

The Surface 

Rubber dildos have different surfaces ranging from smooth to textured surfaces. Smooth surfaces are for those who prefer smooth slides and penetration. The textured one might be with beads or bulging veins that help in increasing the stimulation and sensation around the genitals. The rate and intensity of stimulation that will satisfy your needs depend on the surface of the rubber dildo you choose. With this knowledge and the sexual desires you have, you will be able to settle on one which will serve you best.

Size of the Rubber Dildo

According to Döring (2021), different shapes of dildos give varying sensations. Always make sure you go for the rubber dildo that you can accommodate. This gives you a reason not to follow the crowd or the views of others because you know yourself best. Avoid having painful experiences with the wrong rubber dildo; the session should be pleasurable. Also, if it is for anal stimulation, consider having the right size because the vaginal muscles can stretch so much compared to the sphincter muscles found around the anus. Consider the utmost stretch you can make before purchasing the rubber dildo.

Rubber Dildo Lubrication

The rubber dildo should be lubricated to enjoy the session. According to Wilson et al. (2017), lubricants are used during procreative intercourse to moderate the amount of wetness in the genitals. Have a water-based lubricant, then learn how to use a dildo for self-pleasure. The rubber-based lubricant can also work but gradually degrade as they are used.

The Base of the Rubber

Rubber dildos have bases designed differently depending on your choice. They include dildos with balls, flare, flat, and suction-based dildos. Choose your base depending on your needs.

The flat-based rubber dildo is ideal for those who like strokes alone. They are majorly for the handgrip. The strokes can be regulated to your satisfaction because you are the one guiding the dildo using your hands to get a solo stimulation.

The dildos with balls are ideal for those yearning for the real feeling. They are also good for deep penetration and massive strokes.

The suction rubber dildo is more adventurous because it can stick on nonporous surfaces. They are good for exploration since you can try out different sex positions, such as the doggy style. They can stick on the wall or the floor, making it easy to get the sensation you need. They are also good for anal stimulation since you will not be forced to strain up to get the pleasure.

The flared-based rubber dildos are majorly for those who want to include toys and straps/ropes in the game. Measure the base of the dildo and the size of the O-ring to fit the dildo to the harness. They are ideal for people who are ready for adventurous moments. The flared-based rubber dildo will bring a different experience to your sex life.

Waterproof Rubber Dildo

Rubber dildos are made of different materials; some are completely waterproof, others partially waterproof, and some non-waterproof. Consider this as a core factor when choosing a rubber dildo to satisfy your needs. If you choose to get pleasure in the shower or around water, you should know what type of dildo you can use to steam up the time and increase your enjoyment and pleasure.

Vibrating Dildos 

If you want to masturbate and enjoy the pleasure without distance, then the vibrating rubber dildo is the best option. Masturbation is the deliberate self-stimulation for sexual pleasure. According to Leonard (2010), masturbation is harmless and convenient for everybody. To choose the best vibrating dildo, there are several features you should consider. Some vibrators are wired, while others are wireless. Therefore, you should be well-versed in how they work to get the pleasure you need and enjoy your sexual life. Get to know the controller's capability and the different ways you can use the dildo.

Cleaning Rubber Dildo

Most rubber dildos are nonporous and need to be cleaned. You can use the warm soapy water for better cleaning or any other cleaner of your choice. For the porous dildo, do not use alcohol-based cleaners. If you use the same dildo with different partners, it is good to clean using the antibacterial cleaner to maintain your hygiene. It is advisable not to share your dildo with many people, especially if it is porous.


Spice your love life and get new experiences by trying this new way of having fun. Incorporate some love toys in your sexual life. Use the dildo to increase your anal and vaginal stimulation. The rubber dildo is good and accommodative for beginners and veterans. Take more care when using the vibrators or the dildos to avoid injuries. When settling for a dildo, ensure you have one that fully satisfies your needs. A dildo is not used for solo satisfaction alone. It can be incorporated into your love life with your partner to give you a new experience and grow your bond. Remember to maintain your hygiene as you use the rubber-made dildos.


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