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Do you want to try out different sensations during your sex plays? Try out fisting dildos for awesome and intense sensations.

Partners who try out fist dildo penetration need to have trust and patience. According to Huffam et al. (1998), fisting is one of the sexual acts that is low in spreading HIV. To experiment with fist dildos, you should be a consistent user of the big dildos. People go for the fisting dildo for different reasons. Some might use them because they like feeling fullness in their vagina or anus, while others are due to the total intimacy and surrender shown in fisting. This article gives you a guide to fisting dildos on choosing the first dildo that will meet your needs sufficiently.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Fist Dildos


Fist dildos come in different materials, making you choose what is suitable for you. The materials range from plastic to silicone and glass. The commonly used fist dildo is silicone and PVC. They are flexible enough and can be easily molded; therefore, the best to provide the stimulation you want and desire. The silicone-made fist dildo is of high quality and nonporous, making it easy and fast to clean. This makes it easy for you to maintain good hygiene since they allow thorough cleaning and sanitization if you share the toy with many people.

A good substitute for silicone dildos is a PCV-based dildo. It is portable and feels easy in the pockets. The PCV-made fist dildo is not a guarantee that they are nonporous like the silicone ones; therefore, make sure to check for the feature before buying one. The porous surfaced dildos are hard to clean and sanitize and therefore limited to one-person use. If they get shared, they trap fluids, thus making it easy to transfer the bacteria from one person to another. According to Rubin et al. (2019), cleaning sex toys is important to avoid infections. 

The Stretching Capability of the First Dildos

The anal cavities have muscles that allow stretching; they can accommodate the fist dildo without damage or pain. The first dildos also come in different sizes, as Lispector (2004) explained. It would be wise for you to choose the dildo that will fit the circumference of your stretching capabilities to have a good moment. They are easy to measure the circumference; all you need to know is how far you can stretch, then get the matching one. You can measure the sizes and choose to graduate to a little bit bigger fist dildo; as much as you track your progress, there will always be something you can carry home. 

Lubrication of the Fist Dildo

According to Wilson et al. (2017), lubricants are used during procreative intercourse to moderate the amount of wetness in the genitals. It takes so much courage and sexual anxiety for one to try fisting because sex is hard. Using the right lubricants provides a smooth and slick surface perfect for penetration and making the strokes enjoyable. Lubricants come in different forms, so you should settle for the one that fits the material of your dildo. The anal cavity needs lube for one to enjoy anal play. Vaginal stretching is easy because the muscle around it can stretch more than the anal cavity. Vaginal fisting is done with a lubricant fit for the toy and has no side effects on the sensitive cavity. 

The Design of the Fisting Dildo

Fisting dildos come in two different designs. The duck-like mouth shape and clenched fist dildo. The duck-like mouth shape is best for beginners because it allows you to get the expansion as you slide it in. It is a great choice for training since the toy is streamlined. The clenched fist dildo is a bit complicated, and it should be reserved for the people who can stretch to the maximum within a short time. They are for the people who have had several big dildo penetrations, graduated from mild fisting toys, and are ready to advance and try the more challenging toys. If you are looking for what can make you get extreme stretching, the fisting dildo is a perfect choice.


Most people have different feelings and reactions when they hear about fisting. They are mainly for the people ready to go to the extreme for sexual pleasure. It is advisable not to start with the clenched fisting dildo because you might have injuries turning the sweet yearned moment to tears. Hygiene is mandatory for an awesome experience with fisting dildos.    


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