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Double Ended Dildos - How to Share and Use Solo

Double Ended Dildos - How to Share and Use Solo

Double Ended Dildos - How to Share and Use Solo

By Elena Ognivtseva

Double ended dildos (also known as double dildos, double dongs and double headed dildos) are usually associated with being lesbian toys however this isn't always the case. They can also be used by heterosexual couples or even for solo pleasures. If you want your partner to experience all of the dildo fun that you're having then double dildos are the perfect adult toys to share. The flexibility of some double enders can also provide simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation for solo users.

How Do Double Dildos Differ?

Varying in length, materials and colour, double ended dildos usually come with a smooth or ribbed shaft and normally feature a realistic looking penis head at either end. Due to their very nature, double dildos have to be flexible whilst strong enough to cope with repeated bending and manipulation. These qualities make them ideal for giving both solo and couples' pleasure.

How to Use Your Double Dong Solo

For solo pleasures, you need a really flexible double dildo such as the Double Pleasure Double Dong. Made from soft and stretchy jelly, this dong also comes with one end that's smaller than the other thus allowing for more comfortable anal penetration. Before you begin, you should add a small amount of water-based lubricant to either end of the dildo so that it slides in more easily. Next, lie down on your back with a cushion beneath your hips. Spread your legs apart and place the thicker end of the double dildo slowly into the vagina. Once in place, bend it round and insert the other end into the anus. Maintain your grip and then begin thrusting. The second way to use your dildo is to curve it so that it looks like a 'U' in shape then rest it against the floor or your mattress with the ends pointing upwards. Get into a squatting position and insert one end into the vagina and the other into the anus. Bound up and down to enjoy simultaneous penetration.

Using Your Double Dildo with Your Partner

Fun Factory Share is perfect for lesbian couples. Made of medical grade silicone, this firm yet flexible double dong comes with a vaginal plug and a longer end featuring a penis head. Add water-based lubricant to both ends and insert the smaller end into the vagina. Its specially designed shape means that it will remain securely in place whilst you slide the other end into your partner's vagina and begin thrusting. Fun Factory Share can also be warmed up or cooled down or used with a harness.

For heterosexual couples, The Double is a flesh coloured flexible double ender made from jelly rubber that can be used for vagina to anus action. A good way to use this dildo is to be on all fours with the dildo placed in-between you. Insert one end into the anus and the other into the vagina and back into each other at your own pace. Another way to enjoy double penetration is for her to face his back. Insert one end into the vagina and the other into his anus and then thrust back and forth. If you want to maintain eye contact with your partner during penetration, sit facing one another then rise up onto your hands and feet. Glide your double dildo in-between you, slowly insert into the vagina and anus then interweave your legs together whilst moving backwards and forwards.

Double Dongs with Vibration

There are also a number of double ended dildos that can also be used as vibrators. Coming either with an attached controller or as completely wireless toys, these special double dongs come with a vibrating bullet in either end so that you can both achieve the same amount of vibrating pleasure! A popular example of this is the Bendable Double Dong which comes with 4 different levels of pulsation, escalation and vibration.

Can We Help?

If you have any questions about double dildos, please contact our experienced customer service team who will be happy to help.

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