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Animal dildos are the best sex accessories for people with animal fetishes. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on the animal's penis they resemble. Many animal dildos can feed each fetish and kinky desires. Dog, horse, and donkey dildos are among the most loved animal sex toys. Herein is an insight on these 3 common animal penises, how to use them, and other tips. 

Humans have different fantasies and get aroused by varying things or creatures. Have you ever gotten sexually excited over the sight of an animal penis in your home or countryside? Worry less as this is the norm for most people. Expressing or satisfying your desire with the penis of the animal you crave has never been this easy since the introduction of animal sex toys. Men and women can easily shop for their favorite animal dildos to feed their kinky interests and fantasies. Pick a dildo of your choice from our top picks below;

Types of Animal Penises Dildos

Most animal penis dildos, whether tiny or large, are used for masturbating. Men and women can get turned on by animals mating in their surroundings. This can make them engage in sexual activities as well. Some women love dogs, horses, foxes, and donkeys due to their unique penis sizes and shapes. They may desire to engage in sex with them but they opt to use dildos like animal penises since they can't have sex with them. While masturbating, they fantasize about the animal's penis, feeling the pleasure. Below are types of such dildos.

Dog Dildos

Dogs are popular pets in most households. They have unique penises that function like human cocks. Canine dildos function like a dog penis. They are of high-quality silicone or rubber materials with realistic features. The dog dildos consist of muse function similar to how dogs get erect. Normally, a dog penetrates his mate when the penis is soft and hardens when fully inserted into the vagina. A female dog's pussy swells to allow easy insertion of the penis. Dog dildos are crafted to function similarly. According to Creed (1995), dog dildos increase in size when inside the vagina or anus to enhance pleasure sensations. Like a dog penis, dog dildos have a knot feature known as the bulbous gland that holds the penis or dildo in position, as Brown (2015) showed. The dog knot is located at the penis base and tends to swell, but it's easier to remove the toy in women as their vaginas work differently compared to dogs. 

Pick a type that matches your kinky levels and is comfortable for you when shopping for dog cock dildos. Investing in dog penises with a dog knot can deliver more intense sensations during vaginal or anal play as the bulbous glands aggressively rub against your pleasure spots. Pick one with no dog knots for more fun, whether in solo or partnered play, for those who find this feature intimidating. Dog penis dildos come in ranging sizes and colors. Buy a toy that suits your internal organs perfectly to avoid unintended harm. 

Horse Dildos

In any topic concerning animal sex, horses are a must-mention due to their epic sex life. Horses are among animals with large penises that will fill your sweet holes to the maximum. Some people enjoy or get turned on by big penises. However, if you do, one of the things you might have fantasized about is penetration from a horse. While soft, a horse dick is 2 inches wide and 20 inches long. This is already past the average human cock size. The penis length and girth double up when fully erect, the perfect size for gaping fun. Horse dildos come in sizes from small to large to satisfy individual demands. One thing that usually turns on most users of horse penises is the unique shape. Most horse cocks have a curved shape that perfectly rubs the erogenous zones for added sensual stimulations and sensations. 

Adding a horse dildo to your sex toy collection is a great way of heightening your pleasure experiences. The cock can be used for both anal and vaginal play. They are made with realistic materials for more realistic experiences. Due to their huge sizes, horse dildos are meant for experienced sex toy lovers. Depending on your personal preferences, they differ in type; some come with a suction base for hands-free pleasures, ball features, or textured shafts for more sensual orgasms. 

Donkey Dildos

Getting fucked by a dildo of your favorite animal is ideal for feeding your sexual fantasies. Donkeys dildos are popular in most sex scenes due to their enticing looks and structure. They come in huge sizes that can stretch your anus and rectum to the maximum. The dildos are realistic details that include vein-like structures for added visual and sensual excitement. They are usually large and fit for anal and vaginal play. Like the real donkey penises, the donkey dildos have round shafts with thick penis heads that will eventually spark sexual arousal and stimulation upon entry into the vagina, as Kunkel (2004) discovered. Donkey dildos are available in different types and come with unique features, each crafted to offer wild sensual sensations. Some are strapless., attached to the suction cup, and have fine o textured shafts, while others are curved, straight, fixed with balls or other stimulating knots. 

How to Use Dog, Horse, And Donkey Penis Dildos

Dildos have a simple design and are easy to use by beginners and long-term users. Frequent dildo users can apply the same procedure with their favorite toys. Ensure you pick a dildo that matches your vaginal or rectum canal circumference and length for newbies. Start with small dildos as you build your way to advanced toys if you are a beginner. According to Herbenick et al. (2011), apply water-based lubes on the toys before and after using them. 


Animal dildos feed your kinky animal fetishes and fantasies. Experience new pleasure waves with an animal toy that matches your desires. The dog, horse, and donkey dildos are the most popular in most couples. They resemble the real cock of these animals with added features for more fun, whether solo or with a partner.


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