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History of dildos

History of dildos

History of dildos

By Elena Ognivtseva

Dildos have been around for a very long time. When you think about it, sex has been around for an even longer time, so it was just a matter of time before someone discovered a way to make a substitute for a hard cock in the absence of his or her partner . . . or to bring something new into the bed chamber.

Archaeologists digging up ancient cities have found stone penis shaped or phallic batons in the Gorge d’Enfer that date back as far as 4000 years. These stone dildos or batons as they were called have now been preserved in places like the Chinese Sex Culture Museum outside of Shanghai, but back when they were discovered, the archaeologist and scholars alike, most likely did not want to take credit for discovering the world’s first dildos.

Anyway you put it, one can’t deny the fact that sex toys have been around for a while. If we search through ancient texts such as the Christian Bible, references to sex are plentiful. References to dildos, although figuratively speaking, have been found in the book of Ezekiel 16:17. And in Arabian Nights, fruits, vegetables and other penis shaped objects are used for sexual stimulation and fulfillment.

Historians can’t put a finger on the ingenious and probably hoarny person that invented the dildo, but the popularity of them is owed to the Greek port city of Miletus. Miletan dealers traded olisbos (classical term for dildo), a hot commodity for lonely women, around the Mediterranean. The ancient Greeks believed that lack of sperm caused hysteria or “wandering uterus.” When a Greek man left his woman for a long period of time, to perhaps go off to war, he would present her with an olisbos.

A third century BC story tells of a young woman named Metro, whose husband is away. To relieve or prevent her hysteria, Metro inquires about borrowing an olisbos from her friend Coritto, only to find out that Coritto has leant the coveted toy to someone else. Our main character is left distraught.

Renaissance Italians also knew about the thrills and pleasure that an olisbos could bring. As the toy became widespread, the name became dildo, probably a derivative of the Italian word for delight, diletto. Upper class members of society reveled in having a dildo, owning many of these exquisite objects in silver, gold, ivory and other precious materials.

The more common dildos of the past were made of stone, wood, wax, pottery or leather with a filler of cotton rag. In 1940 rubber dildos with a steel spring for stiffness were invented, but these posed a serious risk of injury from cuts when the spring was exposed in the cracked rubber.

Other dildo materials were invented, but it wasn’t until 1990, that the world would see the most advanced material of the time for dildos – Silicone. This material revolutionized dildos and was followed by a host of new material that would make dildos even more fun to use.

Today dildos come in variety of materials from lifelike skin types to smooth bullet shaped stainless steel rods to make your experience ultimate and unique.

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