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How Men Feel About Double Ended Dildos

How Men Feel About Double Ended Dildos

How Men Feel About Double Ended Dildos

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Heterosexual couples can have quite a lot of fun with double ended dildos. Often both partners are a bit nervous about the experience.

Still, it is more common for men to be anxious and even to reject the use of the sex toy just because they have been misinformed or because of prejudice.

Find out more about the double ended dildos and their use by heterosexual couples and you’re likely to feel a lot more relaxed and confident.

Double Ended Dildos: Misconceptions

The double ended dildos are used to provide penetration to both partners during sex play. Usually, the female partner enjoys vaginal penetration while providing anal penetration to her male partner using the other end of the toy.

It is possible for both partners to enjoy anal penetration using the toy. There are lots of other options such as one of the partners using the toy as a butt plug and the man using the toy and his penis to provide double penetration.

It is natural for men to be anxious about getting anal penetration from their female partner. This may see unnatural at first but actually it is very pleasurable for men. The anus and rectum are packed with sensitive nerve endings and even super gentle penetration provides pleasure which you have never experienced before.

When the dildo is inside the rectum it provides gentle massaging to the prostate gland which is the male equivalent of the g-spot. You will have orgasms which are beyond your imagination.

Can double ended dildos make a heterosexual man gay? The use of such a sex toy for anal penetration provided by your female lover cannot affect your sexual preferences in any way. You will still enjoy great sex with your partner. In fact, you will reach an even higher level of intimacy and the pleasure will be even greater for both of you.

Double Ended Dildos: Fun Play

You should certainly not hesitate to experiment with sex toys such as double ended dildos. Getting anal penetration from your partner will certainly give you a totally new pleasurable sensation. She will enjoy the experience a lot as well.

If you feel nervous about using the sex toy, you can readily try playing with it on your own at first. You should also discuss things with your partner. If you have a good communication, she will be understanding and gentle and give you the most pleasurable anal sex ever.

Men need some time to get used to the idea of playing with double ended dildos. Generally, the more you learn and the more you experiment, the more comfortable and enjoyable the experience will be.

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