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How to Use a Vac-U-Lock Sex System

How to Use a Vac-U-Lock Sex System

How to Use a Vac-U-Lock Sex System

The Vac-U-Lock sex system is an innovative way of connecting different adult toys and accessories. The patented locking mechanism ensures that your chosen pieces stay firmly connected, no matter how much movement or pressure is applied. This versatile system allows users to customize their intimate experiences in their desired way!

What is a Vac-u-lock Sex System?

A Vac-U-Lock sex system is a unique harness and dildo combination that allows couples to enjoy hands-free sexual experiences. It's great for role-play and exploration in different positions or with added restraints or accessories.

Vacuums are used as anchors by attaching them directly to the vacuum port on the harness, allowing it to remain in place during use securely. The dildos have an interior plug that fits into a socket on the harness, creating an airtight seal when inserted completely. This makes changing out attachments quick and easy while providing maximum stability without worrying about slippage while in motion.

The biggest benefit of using a Vac U Lock system is its versatility. There are many different sizes, shapes and textures available for both straps and adapters, ensuring that everyone can find something suited to their needs no matter what size or shape they may be seeking for optimal pleasure Plus, because all pieces lock together firmly yet quickly come apart at your command clean up after each session couldn't be simpler, either.

Whether you're looking for creative ways to spice up your bedroom routine or want more control over how much penetration occurs during intercourse - a Vac U Lock sex system could be just what you need. With its ease of use and adaptability, it's sure to bring endless enjoyment no matter where your desires take you next!

Safer Ways to Use a Vac-U-Lock Sex System

If you're interested in trying out a Vac-U-lock sex system, here are some tips on how to use one safely:

Make Sure All Components Of The Vac-U-Lock Are Secure Before Engaging In Any Activities.

 This includes ensuring all harnesses, plugs and attachments have been properly tightened and secured so they don't move around during playtime. Testing each component separately before combining them for full use is also important. This will ensure everything works correctly without any chance of malfunctioning during playtime.

Always Check For Signs Of Irritation Or Discomfort From Your Partner(S).

While using a Vacu Lock can create unique sensations that may be pleasurable for some people, others might find them uncomfortable if not used correctly. Be aware of body language cues such as tense muscles or facial expressions conveying discomfort; stop immediately if anything causes pain or distress. Remember that communication beforehand can help reduce risks; let your partner know what activities they feel comfortable participating in before starting up anything new with the vac-u-lock system, so there won't be any surprises along the way.


Keep Lubrication Handy At All Times

Lube helps reduce friction between skin surfaces while preventing possible abrasions caused by excessive contact points like rigid harnesses against sensitive areas like genitalia or nipples—and it makes penetration easier! Make sure to use lubes compatible with whatever materials you're playing around with (silicone-based ones work best) to maximize enjoyment without risking injury-causing discomfort!

Lastly, Cleanliness Should Always Come First

Rubbing alcohol wipes after every session will help keep things sterile and avoid chances for infection transmission through bodily fluids exchanged during intercourse/contact sports playtime sessions. With these tips firmly embedded in the mind, both parties involved can enjoy their explorations into BDSM roles without fear or negative implications from improper usage techniques being employed throughout their experiences.

The Different Types of Accessories Available With A Vac U Lock system

Two main accessories commonly used with a Vac-U-Lock System are Dildos and Harnesses. Dildos come in various shapes and sizes and offer increased stimulation when inserted into the vagina or anus, depending on preference. Some common dildo attachments include suction cups for hands-free penetration or even ones designed specifically for dual penetration (DP). Harnesses are also an option when using any Vac U Lock System version. They allow more control over movement during intercourse. Plenty of different styles, such as strapless harnesses that provide extra stability while thrusting or those designed specifically for anal play, with straps attached around each thigh to provide extra support during motion.

Besides these two main accessory types, there are several other options available such as vibrators and butt plugs that attach to the harnesses easily via their adapter pieces included in kits provided by manufacturers such as Doc Johnson and Pipedreams Products Incorporated, amongst others, making them compatible with almost any type of vac-u-lock product found online stores like SheVibe or Peepshow Toys. Some sets come with lubricants, toy cleaners/sanitizers and other necessary items before beginning your session.

No matter what type you go with – whether it's just a regular harness kit paired up with some additional add-ons later down the road - investing in quality vacation lock sex systems will ensure your experiences remain luxurious no matter how long you keep going at it! So if you're looking to spice things up in your bedroom, don't forget about all these amazing options offered within this incredible system today.

Pros and Cons of Using a Vac U Lock Sex System

One benefit of using a Vac U Lock sex system is its versatility. By switching out different attachments, users have access to countless combinations of sensations they can enjoy while experimenting with new sexual positions or techniques. The toys are also designed conveniently– most come with their own built-in suction cup base and can easily be attached to any flat surface, such as furniture or walls, allowing couples to explore even more possibilities regarding playtime.

Another advantage of using a Vac U Lock Sex System is safety. Unlike traditional dildos or other non-vacuum-based products, these systems feature airtight seals preventing bacteria from transferring between partners. This greatly reduces the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and makes them ideal for those who want peace of mind when enjoying intimate moments without fear of cross-contamination worries!

On the flip side, one disadvantage associated with using a Vac U Lock Sex System could potentially have cost prohibitive you're looking for high-quality materials or additional attachments beyond what's included in the initial package - each add-on piece usually carries its price tag, which may not fit within everyone's budget restrictions Additionally since these systems rely on airtight seals they require regular maintenance; otherwise, users run into potential problems where leaks might occur if not properly cared for over time resulting in decreased sensation levels - making upkeep yet another factor worth considering before investing in one!


Having explored the basics of using a Vac-U-Lock sex system, we hope the information provided has given you an understanding of how to use this innovative sexual technology. The Vacu-U-Lock system is designed to provide pleasure and comfort, allowing users to safely and easily explore their fantasies without worrying about complicated instructions or tools. Its versatile design can be used with various dildos and accessories for all couples. If you follow the instructions closely, you should have no problem getting started with your Vacu-U-Lock system. Thanks for reading our blog post on The Basics of Using a Vacu U Lock Sex System.

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