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Realistic vs Non-Realistic Dildos

Realistic vs Non-Realistic Dildos

Realistic vs Non-Realistic Dildos

By Ksenia Sobchak

The world of dildos is divided up into two pretty simple categories: there are realistic dildos which are made from super-advanced flesh-like material and are designed specifically to look like a penis … complete with colours, veins, and in some cases, even hair. Then, there are non-realistic dildos. These are phallic in nature, but aren’t designed to look like a penis at all. They can be made from a variety of materials from glittery purple jelly to sleek, cold glass.

Usually someone will have a very particular preference for either realistic or non-realistic dildos and vibrators. Whether they’re for personal use or shared pleasure, there are load of factors to consider when you’re choosing your own personal preference.

They look like the real thing…

The most noticeable thing about “realistic dildos” is, of course, the most obvious: they look like they’re the real thing. They’re usually modelled on a real penis, or cast from a pornstar’s nether regions. They’re flexible, and move like a real penis. Some even have a darker glans to create a sense of “as good as the real deal”, and others go to the realistic extreme with hair or squirting cum functions.

... but they’re not.

Non-realistic dildos don’t beat around the bush. They know that they’re fake, and they celebrate this with every colour in the rainbow. Choose pretty in pink or bold in blue, with added pleasure nodules along the shaft or with a probe-like shape. Some non-realistic dildos are designed to be beautiful items in themselves, such as glass dildos, and some are only vaguely penis-shaped like the 10.5inch crystal fantasy dagger dildo.

They feel like the real thing…

Realistic dildos are designed to be flexible, and are made from a variety of different components such as silicon, PVC, latex or ultra-natural flesh-like materials. They bend and flex in all the right places, and certain versions also have realistic testacles to heighten the realistic aspects of these “as good as the real thing” toys.

… but they’re not.

With touch and texture paramount to sexual pleasure, non-realistic dildos make the most of their creative sides to give you added pleasure at every opportunity. Who wouldn’t want nodules and pleasure knobs all over their penis? Plus, with unusual shapes and clever thinking, a simple re-imagined dildo can give FF couples a chance to explore penetrative sex with one “penis”, and can also enjoy simultaneous vaginal and anal stimulation with “penis upgrades” and added extras.

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