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Tips for Buying Double Dildos

Tips for Buying Double Dildos

Tips for Buying Double Dildos

By Ksenia Sobchak

There are various great sex toys for couples but the double dildos certainly top the list.

They are super fun to play with. They are also super versatile and allow for a lot of experimentation.

If you and your partner want to try new things, you should certainly get such a toy. You just need to pick the ideal one that will please both you and your partner safely for a long time to come.

Double Dildos: Shape and Size

The traditional double dildos are straight and sufficiently long for both partners to enjoy pleasurable penetration. They are simple and exciting to use. In order to use such a dildo without holding it with your hand, you will need a strap on harness.

That way, the toy will stay firmly in place and both you and your partner will enjoy the experience fully. Of course, you can readily try various positions in which holding the toy with your hand or with your harness will not be necessary.

The innovative double dildos have two distinctive parts with one of them called the bulb being especially designed for the penetrative female partner to insert into her vagina. The toy fits snugly around the pubic bone so that the other end of the dildo is easy to use for penetration.

It takes some time to master the use of this toy, but you will certainly be more than happy with the results. If you wish, you can always put a harness on so that things are more comfortable and easier irrespective of the sex position that you choose.

Size is particularly important when it comes to double dildos. You should check the length and the width of both ends and ensure that you and your partner are comfortable with them.

There are toys especially designed for beginners in anal sex. The bulb part for vaginal penetration is sufficiently thick to stimulate the wearer and to massage the g-spot.

The other part is shorter and thinner so that the receptive partner can enjoy the experience without any stress and discomfort. Consider the texture of the different models and special features such as vibration.

Double Dildos: Make and Quality

The best quality double dildos are made from medical-grade silicone. You should check specifically that all parts of the sex toy which you buy are made from this particular material.

You will easily recognise a silicone dildo for its smoothness and non-porous surface. It should be firm yet gentle.

Always buy double dildos from established and reputable manufacturers of sex toys. You can expect the products which you purchase to be durable and reliable.

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