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Your Guide to Using Animal Penis Dildos

Your Guide to Using Animal Penis Dildos

Your Guide to Using Animal Penis Dildos

As humans, our animal instincts may come out once in a while. Just as the name, animal dildos are made from animals. They range from animal-head shaped dildos to realistic animal dongs. Animal dildos also come in different sizes and designs. You are sure to have the best ride of your life with these majestic beasts. Most animal dildos are inflatable or it has a knot used for intense stimulation. It provides intense vaginal or anal sensation. Animal dildos are great for solo playtime and also partnered sex. Animal dildos provide stimulation that cannot be gotten from a real-life penis, and this is why it is popular among men and women.

Types of Animal Dildos

Dog Dildos

These are the canine dildos. They are designed to imitate the appearance of canine animals such as dogs wolfs, etc. They come in realistic designs, and they have a "bulbus glandis" at the base. The bulbus glandis refers to a knot on the male genital, and it is often mistaken for the testicles; however, they are not. The bulbus glandis is an erectile tissue that locks the male dog's penis inside the female before ejaculation. The knot provides intense vagina and analstimulations, and it is popular among men and women.

Horse Dildos

A real-life horse penis is long and huge. When it is soft, it is 20 inches long and 2 inches wide.  When it gets erect, it doubles in size and length. With horse dildos, you can have this majestic beast in your shower or bedroom. Horse dildos are made with suction cups to give a pleasurable hands-free experience. The suction base allows you to use without worrying about it slipping off.

Fox Dildos

The size of a fox penis is smaller compared to that of a dog or a horse. If you are a beginner and aren't interested in sizes, this is the perfect dildo for you. It is made with platinum silicone, which gives the best pleasure. It also comes in different colors so you can choose the colour you love. Though they are small, they are considered to be more powerful than its counterparts.

Practical Guide to Animal Dildos

Choose the right dildo‍

There are several types of animal dildos, and it comes in different sizes, making it difficult to choose the right size of dildo. When choosing the animal dildo, you need to consider the size, design, and material. Canine dildos come in different sizes and styles to suit specific needs. The most important thing is to be comfortable with the size of the dildo. It ensures the sex is enjoyable. If you are a beginner, it's best to start withsmaller sizes than the bigger sizes. The bigger sizes can be intimidating and uncomfortable if it's your first time using them. You can start small and work your way up to the larger sex toys.

Always Clean the Toy‍

It's essential to clean your toy before and after use to prevent infection and accumulation of dust. If the animal dildo is made with silicone, you can clean it with hot water. You can also use warm water and mild soap to clean it. If you are washing it after use, allow it to air dry to reducemold build-up. Also, let it dry completely before storing it away. You can use a piece of cloth to wrap them before storing them. It will keep dust and other bacteria away. Don't mix your animal dildo with other sex toys. Keep them separate to avoid different materials having an adverse effect and ruining your toy. If you are confused aboutstoring your dildo, you can find creative ways to make a storage box for your animal dildo.

Be Relaxed before you use it.

Before using the dildo, ensure your body is calm. Turn on some music to get you in the mood. Setting the right mood will help with penetration and give you a pleasurable experience. If you are not relaxed, it can be painful and awkward. You can stimulate yourself with your hands before you use the dildo. Start by slowly rubbing your clitoris and teasing your body. That's the best way to get you relaxed. 

Always use lubricants

Lubricants are essential when using animal dildos.Whichever way you choose to use the dildo, lubricants are necessary. When choosing the right lubricant, you must consider the material of your animal dildo. Avoid silicone-based lubricants. The best option is a water-based lubricant. They are compatible with all toys and different materials.

Try different positions‍

You can try different positions to spice up the moment. You can try doggy-style, bending over your bed, on your side, or your stomach. Some positions target specificareas,stimulating areas in the vagina, such as the cervix and the anus.

Start slowly

Before inserting the dildo, you should start slowly. First, rub it on the external before taking it too deeply. Use it as a massage and stimulate the external area, such as your vulva. Tease yourself first and build up the momentum. Then slowly insert the dildo. Move it slowly in and out and see how each thrust feels. Once you are comfortable with the dildo, you can experiment with different rhythms. Find the particular rhythm that works for you, and you can experiment between slow and steady movement and fast and erratic movement. See what works for you and stick with it.


As humans, we all have animal instincts, and when it comes out, you can indulge yourself with an animal dildo. So, if you've ever had a wolfman fantasy, an animal dildo is what you need. They give more sensations than a real-life penis, and they have knotted features for an intense vagina and anal stimulation. Most animal dildos are water-proof, and it means you can enjoy it while in the shower or bathtub.

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