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A Guide To Medical Fetish Sex Toys

A Guide To Medical Fetish Sex Toys

A Guide To Medical Fetish Sex Toys

By Ksenia Sobchak

Playing doctor or nurse has always been an intriguing aspect in many people’s childhoods. With this intense fascination with the medical community, the play has not been limited to the innocent childhood play. Composing of both penetrative and non-penetrative sexual play, medical fetish play is as satisfying as any other thrilling and intense game. Whilst medical tools may seem scary to most, BDSM practitioners with a soft spot for medical play find them very intense and effective for achieving their desired purposes. Getting started may seem like a daunting task but there is always a way to start slow and build on your collection. Below is a list of a few toys that are very popular in the medical fetish scene.

Naughty Nurse Costumes

A Guide To Medical Fetish Sex Toys

The nurses have always been portrayed as sexy and beautiful additions to the hospitals. Everyone dreams of having a sexy nurse take care of them and there is a whole host of costumes designed to ensure that you get some love from a nurse right in the comforts of your sex den. Nurses’ costumes span a wide range of material composition from leather to PVC to latex. The outfit is usually a very minimal dress with a cleavage to boot.

A Guide To Medical Fetish Sex Toys

To top off the dress, get your hands on a nurse’s cap and even an armband, a beautiful white piece with a red cross clearly printed on it. These costumes are ideal for those who are looking for a sensually seductive session.


If there is something porn has taught the masses, it is that consultation sessions can lead to some pretty steamy moments. The stethoscope sells the whole doctor scene, giving your role play session the level of authenticity it needs.

Butcher’s Apron

The mad asylum doctor outfit is a great addition to the bondage play that is designed to instill fear in the patient. The butcher’s apron signifies some twisted experiment is about to go down, a great way to start of your electro stimulation session or full body restraint.
The apron comes in various colors and designs, but the overall intended effect is the same; strike a bit of fear into the patient.

Examination Gloves

No proper examination is done without a pair of finger shielding gloves. The gloves give a level of authenticity while also providing protection in the case of extreme play that may have some cuts like piercing play. Keep a box of medical gloves and slap them on while your partner is blindfolded and watch as their body visibly reacts to the sound.

Alcohol Wipes

Safety is of paramount importance in the medical community. Due to the sheer amount of fluids that get left on tools, alcohol wipes make for great sanitizing options especially for non-penetrative tools. Have your own wipes to always ensure that your tools are safe before each session, keeping your partner and your own self from contracting any infections.


A Guide To Medical Fetish Sex Toys

Stretching out the vaginal or anal muscles for a closer look is something most patients dread. However, medical speculums have found a special home in the BDSM community as they give the dominant a closer look into their partner’s inner sanctums. However, speculum play is as risky as it is fun, so always ensure that you follow the safety guides to the letter to avoid any mishaps.

While the stainless steel speculums are more popular, plastic adjustable speculums are also available for those who have no intention of reusing the tool. These disposable plastic speculums are great for play with multiple partners as a brand new toy is used for every session, avoiding any likelihood of fluid transfer.

Medical Gags

A Guide To Medical Fetish Sex Toys

Keep your partner’s mouth from closing by getting the gag that is designed to ensure that they will have no clear speech. Unlike ball gags, medical gags give the submissive nothing to bite on when the pleasure gets too intense. Instead, they will drool all over, increasing their helplessness and humility as they make a mess all over the table, bed or even their own chin and chest.

Medical fetish sex toys are so many, designed for different purposes and games. All you have to do is lay out your game plan and proceed to acquire the tools necessary to bring your idea to fruition.

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