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A Perfect Guide to Electro Sex Stimulation Sex Toys

A Perfect Guide to Electro Sex Stimulation Sex Toys

A Perfect Guide to Electro Sex Stimulation Sex Toys

Can you relate electricity and genitals? Electrosex stimulation deserves exploration to enjoy all the pleasure it comes with. This article provides detailed information on electro-sex stimulation bondage toys.

Electrosex Definition

Electrosex is a form of sexual arousal using electricity. The human body contains multiple fluids that act as electric conductors. The genitals are safely and pleasurably stimulated to achieve orgasms. Vibrators or conductive pads attached to the body can be used to enable electric passage to the nerves. This provides intense stimulation through vibrations. Electro sex toys are available in numerous types, but they generally work the same. For instance, an electro box works by producing safe electric waves to the body through paddings placed on various erotic parts. The same applies to other electric accessories and toys.

There's no infliction of pain in electrosex stimulation. The toy's settings in use can be lowered to ensure the stimulations are extremely faint that you won't feel a thing except for the result, pleasure. As you gain comfort, increasing the settings to higher levels can lead to further arousal, with more intense and stronger stimulations. These sex toys can be used internally and externally. For internal use, it's best to begin with faint tingles from the lowest settings, whether pro or newbie.

Safety Precautions

Safety is key in everything we do. In electro-sex stimulation, safety is observed, especially when using the right tools and precautions. If you walk into an electro sex toy store, check that all the tools have specific electrical voltage limits. Other factors include:

Pregnant mothers should not use any electrosex devices.

Patients suffering from a heat-related illness should avoid an electrostimulation unit—even those with attached pacemakers.

Avoid using electric sex toys in the areas above the waist. Never let electricity pass through the heart.

Avoid using these toys on irritated or broken skin.

Only use electro sex toys when at your best of times. Avoid them during stress, dehydration, fatigue, or hungry situations.

Apply an electro-conductive gel or water-based lubes for internal attachments to prevent skin issues and increase arousal.


always ensure that the device is off before inserting it into your genitals.

Get rid of all jewelry before any experiments with electric toys.

How To Choose Electro Sex Toys

Beginners are advised to go for smaller units. Beginners have a starter pack kit that composes accessories and power units to get you on the go. Every unit can regulate numerous accessories and tools to offer varied sensations. If you feel it's time to advance, you can go for other compatible connectors that will get you flying with pleasure.

The Attachment Process

The body contains many attachment zones for these electrodes. Below is a guide on attaching the electrodes in men and women.


Placing an electrode at the crease area covering the zone between the abdomen and thighs can provide pleasure jolts that would leave you screaming with joy. Also, place a probe on the left butt and another on the inside right butt and wait for the stimulating sensations on your bum.


Cover the crease with an electrode for a powerful start. Inside the lower limp, at an area above the ankle, is another wave shocker to make her shake with pleasure and ask for more fillings.


As earlier mentioned, apply a conductive gel to the external parts before starting the process. This gel is relevant to distributing sensations in the targeted area equally. It's perfect for individuals afraid of concentrated stimulations in one part. The gel should only be used when advised. It helps manage skin irritation and resistance since dry skin doesn't get along with electric impulses. If you need more information, go through the manual to determine the toy's compatibility with gel. On the other hand, the internal parts should be lubricated with a lubricant, preferably a  water-based lube. Silicone-based lubes may be dangerous since they can insulate electricity and lower the intensity of the stimulations.


For safer sexual experiences, always keep your devices clean. Unplug and use a toy cleaner to clean any dirt. Dry them properly and keep them for future use. Never allow water to get in the plug. Wipe it thoroughly in case it happens.


One might feel different after an electrosex session. This mainly happens to the skin and muscles around the active areas. Soreness is among the effects and can be eased through moisturizer application.

The Bottom Line

Newbies in electro-sex stimulation can use this guide to familiarize themselves with electro-sex toys. You can dispel any taboos, myths, and doubts through this article and replace them with facts. Electrosex is pleasurable and fun when the right equipment is used, and all safety precautions are applied.

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