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Guide To Electra Stim Electro Sex And Medical Fetish Sex Toys

Guide To Electra Stim Electro Sex And Medical Fetish Sex Toys

Guide To Electra Stim Electro Sex And Medical Fetish Sex Toys

Many people fear exploring electro base stimulation toys. It's possible to reason might be the childhood prohibition that you received from early ages. When you were a child, your parents warned you from going near electricity and fire. Since then, your psychology is working to keep you distant from electricity.

But, now you are adult and eager, so why you are here. Let's know how to explore some extreme fantasy that can only be acquired with electro toys. Conquer your fear over electro stimulation and learn new tricks of having pleasure

Electro Sex

Electro sex is a system where you get stimulated by toys that use electricity. It is done with special electronic equipment. These are different types of sex toys. Getting touched by these toys arouses more than the usual toys. It uses electronic pulses to produce a stimulating situation. It's like a hundred butterflies are tickling your private parts.

That small strikes of electricity will electrify your sexual groanings and moaning into sky-high. It'll leave your body breathless with kinky sensual amazements. You will surely surrender to the eternal power of electricity. There we are going to discuss electro-stim, electro sex, and medical fetish materials.

Electro Stimulation Power Sources

Electricity driven sex toys are made for erotic stimulation. Most of them are adjustable power output system. It can be controlled from low to too high. The full set up includes a computer-controlled or manual power box. The electrodes of the set up are connected through wires. The whole setup is portable so that you can carry it easily.

Most of the electro-stimulators are powered by batteries. They are of two types—built-in rechargeable batteries or plugged in-home electricity sockets. Here my advice is to use rechargeable batteries for safety. Plug-in system setup has a chance to cause accidents, and these set up is very much susceptible.

Medical Power Sources

Medical power source device helps muscle constriction. TENS and EMS devices are designed as exotic electro-stimulators. These are used for perfect BDSM playing.

Electrodes Designs

It is essential to choose electrodes wisely because this part will be attached to your body. It includes dildos, nipple clamps, clitoral massagers, vaginal probes for women. For men, there are cock rings, anal

probes, testicle rings, urethral probes, anal plugs, etc. Electro pads could be a mutual option for both men and women.

There are questions of safety while using electro-stimulators above the waists. It may interfere with the natural heart impulse rate. It might cause damage to your heart. When the matter is design and fetish fantasy, you must listen to your heart. The choice is yours, which one you will prefer to save.

Medical Fetishes

Medical materials that give you sensual feelings are essential for medical BDSM playing. Materials like vaginal speculums, anal speculums can be very playful. Metal glycerin squirts can take you to different levels of sensation.

Electro Stimulation Toy Materials

Electrostimulation materials are mostly made of metals, aluminum, gold, and silver. Stainless steels are affordable to many. Silicone and rubbers and well known for their flexibility. Different types of materials give different levels of safety. If you prioritize durability, surely that will cost more. Don't forget to check the cleaning process and quality.

Lubricants for Electro Sex Toys

Lubrication is a must needed in any toy playing. Dry and rough skin can be burned and cause pain. Using lube will keep you hydrated, and skin will get response positively to the teasing and insertion. For electro toy playing, you should choose gels that suits your materials. For insertable materials, you should use water-based gels for better results.

Water-based gels are best to keep you hydrated for a long time, and it is harmless. It also intensifies your stimulations to heighten the orgasms. Always hydrate your body before electro sex stimulations. It is for safety and intense sensual session.

Safety of Electro Sex Toys

Don't play unsafe in excitement. You always have to be careful playing with electro sex toys. It is the most critical part of electro BDSM playing. The wrong idea many kept in mind that it is very wild, so I have played it rough. No, this is hugely pleasurable, but it's electricity. So, be careful handling it. It will take no time to destroy the moments of joy. You have some rules to follow before jumping into electro sensual playing.

Things to do


  • Before start using electro toys, relax your muscles and the whole body. If you are going to do role-playing, then make it comfortable for your partner. Better to agree on safe playing.


  • Apply lube gel to outer materials. Make sure to conduct the toys to your skin after lubricating. Only the electro pads have built-in lubricant, so don't hydrate it.


  • Always use water-based lubricants for a toy that penetrates. It is wise to avoid silicone-based lubricants because they are non-conductive. It will impede the intensity of stimulation.


  • You can apply both internal and external electro toys. Just keep the power off and enjoy.


  • Always keep your electro toys clean after using and even before using. Sterilize it before use. For safety health issues, stay away from sharing any kinds of sex toys with others.


Things not to do


  • Don't put any electro materials on your chest, mostly while the power supply remains on. It can be very dangerous for your heart.


  • Electro toys are not designed for use in showers. So, don't try to use it near water or in water. The result will be devasting.


  • Don't play with electro toys during the pregnancy period. Avoid electro BDSM playing toy if you are suffering from any kinds of heart diseases or epileptic.


The best thing about electro toys is that you can do an enjoyable solo play with them. Simple electro-stim toys or medical fetish can turn your sensual feel into deep sexual gratification. It will be wiser to gather a decent amount of knowledge about electro toys and then jump into it.

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