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Chastity Belts and Devices Explained

Chastity Belts and Devices Explained


By Ksenia Sobchak

The world of chastity has been around for a while, usually homage to abstinence where the wearer (mostly for women) would not take part in any form of sexual activity. Chastity however has grown and has shifted to men over the years.

Couples usually experiment with chastity to enhance their sex life it’s now become more of a sexual play activity as opposed to the old school abstinence pledge. Chastity belts will not deny you sexual pleasure at all but stifle release, orgasm denial is one of the many aspects of chastity and many men have lounged in the tease that chastity provides.

Chastity belts add a crazier dimension to many sexual plays. Many have chastity related fantasies and this guide will take you through the paces.

Chastity Belts and Devices Explained


Basically in times of old men would go to wars or travel far away on voyages and to make sure that their wives were faithful they would lock chastity belts on them to protect their women from being violated or to dissuade them from the temptation of having sexual expeditions elsewhere.

Fast-forward a few centuries into the future chastity has become a practical way to stop compulsive sexual behavior, a deterrent of sorts if your privates are locked down well they are out of order. Chastity branched into two sections chastity players and chastity lifestylers. 


People mostly begin off with chastity play an experiment of sorts limited to BDSM play where they lock their lover’s genitals and play a game of tease and denial and at this point it’s least likely to be a lifestyle choice. Chastity play will frustrate your partner so much to the extent that when released they go into full on “crazy mode” and won’t be able to control their desire. If you and your partner are looking for this kind of play then chastity play is worth your indulgence and it will be great for you to get yourself waist belts, metal cages and or harnesses and you are on your way to enjoying chastity play.


There are some people who prefer to be chastised as a way of life and not in a playful manner. Chastity lifestylers will most likely wear their chastity devices i.e. chastity belts, at all times and will only be released by their keyholder during specific periods in time. Chastity lifestylers seed control over to their partners giving up all sexual freedom to their lovers.


Chastity devices are tailor made for you whether you are a chastity player or lifestyler. For anything you are into you will most definitely find a device that is perfect for you.


Ever wanted to follow you medieval fetishes or fantasies? Then a traditional chastity belt is the best for you to go with. Great for role playing mostly and well not so much for prolonged wear due to their bulky nature and restrictiveness in terms of limiting your movement. Traditional chastity belts are designed with holes to only allow anything of a certain size going in, anything above that will not fit through and to top it off they will have a padlock at the waist and or crotch. In times of old chastity belts had holes lines with sharp teeth however modern style traditional chastity belts are smooth around the holes, but for extreme couples these type of traditional chastity belts can be found too.

Chastity Belts and Devices Explained


Designed to attach cuffs or chains, chastity harnesses work the same way as chastity belts. Male chastity harnesses will often have straps and rings to cover the genitals to stifle any stimulation and prevent any penetration.

Open Breast Leather Body Harnesses with cuffs set the fetish scene in style, for people who want to submit and seed control to their partners as the harness speaks the role. You can attach a leash onto the O and D rings that are on the harness to enhance your BDSM play.

Harnesses and straps are not meant for prolonged wear but are comfortable but will cause slight chafing if worn for extended periods of time.


Chastity cages serve as an erection and orgasm denial device, with popular products like the CB-6000 made from high quality plastic chastity cages will extend foreplay and increase desire intensity.

Chastity Belts and Devices Explained

Plastic and silicone chastity cages are lightweight and can be worn for prolonged periods in time comfortably without any issues whatsoever unlike bulkier chastity belts or metal cages. These will fit in perfectly to be worn under regular clothing. For those who want to give up control to their partners these are perfect as they can be worn for days or weeks on end.

For masochistic taunting metal chastity cages are the gold standard. Designed to be bigger than the penis, and with enough space to allow some movement, metal cages are designed in such a way that no man can play with his penis or anyone else. In BDSM play metal chastity cages are used by pro Doms to sexually rile up their subs as much as they can, teasing them, taunting them without allowing them release. Metal chastity cages aren’t designed to be worn for stretched periods, but with practice some find them comfortable to wear for longer periods.

Although modern chastity devices have changed their use still largely remains unchanged, they make for some great foreplay and also serve to solidify relationships between partners for those that practice chastity as a lifestyle. As play tools they make for great intense tease and denial bringing about intensity and pleasure one can only fantasize about, so how about you bring your fantasy to life using chastity belts and devices.

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