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Chastity Belts and Devices Explained

Chastity Belts and Devices Explained

Chastity Belts and Devices Explained

By Ekaterina Mironova

Chastity has been practiced for centuries for various reasons. Husbands were known to put chastity belts on their wives to ensure that they remained faithful. In recent times, chastity devices are known to be used to deter sexual compulsions. However, as with all things sexually related, the BDSM enthusiasts have found a way to make chastity a source of immense pleasure. Chastity play is a game that is used to induce exquisite pleasure and torture that is followed by a great release. Whether you have made a chastity pledge or you want to indulge in the benefits of delayed gratification, choosing a chastity device becomes easier if you are well informed.

Traditional Chastity Belts

Favored in the medieval times, the chastity belt has a lock mechanism set up on the waist or at the crotch. Once locked, the belt allows for things to come out but restricts items that are past a specified size from going in. Purchased more because of their appearance than functionality, the belt is suitable for both male and female use. However, it greatly limits movement and is very bulky, discouraging use outside the role play scene in the bedroom.

Chastity Harnesses and Straps

Similar to the chastity belts, the harnesses and straps have an incorporation of cuffs or chains. The male harnesses may have a rings and extra straps to prevent penetration or any form of fulfillment. The straps and harness may be more comfortable than the belt but chaffing is likely to occur if worn for too long. Limit your sessions to a few couple hours to minimize the risk of chaffing. For the bondage enthusiasts, the harnesses may have D rings and O rings attached to ease the attachment of leashes. This modern day remake of the belt goes a long way in ensuring that the game is played for a long while by allowing for easier movement and enabling the straps to be worn under loose garments.

Chastity Cages

Designed for men, the chastity cage is a device intended to completely deny any form of penile indulgence. Shaped like a penis, the cage completely cuts off the penis from the outside world. There are two types of chastity cages, categorized by their composite materials.
  • Plastic and Silicone Chastity Cages
These are designed to provide a perfect fit and with the correct fitting, they also stop erections from occurring. They are very comfortable and are ideal for long term wear, ensuring that the dominant is in complete control of your chastity. They are lightweight and are not conspicuous, making them unnoticeable under normal clothing.
  • Metal Chastity Cages

To allow for some movement, these cages are designed to be slightly bigger that the penis. They are bulky and can only be worn for a few hours at a time, but with practice it is possible to achieve a full day of wear. The cage prevents any penis handling and is used by the dominant to torture the submissive into begging for sexual release that has been denied for so long. This is a favorite for professional BDSM practitioners as it incorporates a great deal of intense denial that is guaranteed to torture the submissive endlessly.

The basics of the chastity devices allow you to make a decision about which one to incorporate in your sex life. If you are a beginner, the strap and the silicone cage become the obvious choice as they are friendly to newbies, allowing for comfort and flexibility. While picking your device, always take into account the locations of your role play games and the mode of transportation from one place to the other. Never choose a device that is above your skill level as you may find it difficult to handle the complexities that may arise. As a dominant, always communicate with your submissive to ensure that they are completely comfortable and pay attention to their body language to ensure that the pain is within their threshold.

As with all things, always take it slow to ensure safe and sure progress. This will also give you a chance to completely familiarise yourself with a device before moving on to conquer the next one. If you have multiple partners, always be sure to clean your devices thoroughly with antibacterial toy cleaner after every use.

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