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Have you been thinking about purchasing a fleshlight but don't know how to use it? Here's a comprehensive guide on using a fleshlight, including; warming it up, applying lubricant, using it in a shower, bringing a partner, and cleaning it.

The fleshlight is the best-selling male sex toy, among other toys. Fleshlights are designed to feel like real skin, and they are very popular. Fleshlights are realistic because they are made from real-feel superskin, and they are designed to replicate the sensation of a partner's skin. Fleshlights may seem self-explanatory. Nevertheless, there are tips you can use to help you get the best from your fleshlight. Here are a few instructions and some fleshlight techniques to make your solo playtime satisfying.

How To Use A Fleshlight

Warm It Up

You can warm your fleshlight by removing its sleeve from the case and submerging it in warm water. Shake off excess water and return the sleeve to its case once it is enough. Pre-hitting is an essential part of the preparation.

Apply A Lubricant

According to Komisaruk et al. (20089), you could apply a water-based lubricant to your fleshlight inside and outside and on yourself for effortless insertion.

Penetrate And Thrust

you can penetrate your fleshlight after you're lubed up.

Bring A Partner

While most people use fleshlights for masturbation, others find them a perfect addition to foreplay. There are many fleshlight positions you can try, such as 69. You can also have your partner use it on you as you enjoy the sensation.

Use It In The Shower.

You can pair your toy with the fleshlight shower mount and hands-free adapter and try it in the shower. The holder can be attached to any flat surface, ensuring you get the perfect angle for a hands-free session.

How To Clean A Fleshlight

You must know how to clean your fleshlight. Fleshlights are easy to clean. By taking time to clean and care for your fleshlight, you'll increase its lifespan so you can enjoy it for a longer time. Below are three important ways to clean your fleshlight.

Remove The Case

Remove your fleshlight's top and bottom caps and slide the sleeve out of the case. You can use hot, soapy water to clean the case and set it aside to dry.

Flush The Canal With Hot Water

Run warm water through your fleshlight sleeve to remove any water-based lubricant or bodily fluids such as cum. Don't use soap or hot water on your fleshlight as they can deteriorate the superskin material.

Spray the fleshlight with sex toy cleaner

It's advisable to use a sex toy cleaner to clean your fleshlight. Use reasonable amounts of sex toy cleaner so it can last longer.

How to dry a Fleshlight

Knowing how to dry a fleshlight is as important as cleaning it. The fleshlight sleeve needs to be dry before it is put away. Knollenberg & Truong (2021) suggested that you could leave the sleeve fleshlight in a warm, dry location or use a towel to dry it up by pushing it through the anus or vagina.

How To Renew Your Fleshlight

The fleshlight skin may become sticky to the touch after cleaning and drying. Sprinkle the dry fleshlight with renewal powder to restore its silky new feel. The next time you use your fleshlight, it will feel as silky smooth as when you purchased it.

Creative Ways Of Using A Fleshlight

Consider using a fleshlight in solo missionary, solo doggy, mutual masturbation, double pleasure, suction control, and oral with a twist to experience sensual pleasures. Below are tips on how each works.

Solo Missionary

Place your fleshlight under a pillow, get into a position and start thrusting in and out of the toy if you want to feel you are pounding your partner in a missionary position.

Solo Doggy

put the fleshlight between the base of the bed and the mattress if you like pumping in and out of the toy. Go down on your knees and start thrusting in and out of the toy. You can try this position by putting the toy under the cushions on your couch.

Mutual Masturbation

You can bring your partner to this. Mutual masturbation is fun, and it can spice up your sex life. Ask your partner to masturbate with their preferred sex toy while you masturbate with a fleshlight (Juffer, 1998). Watch one another until you both finish. There are different techniques,

Side Play

Try lying on your side if you want to use your fleshlight effectively. Use a pile of pillows to keep your fleshlight in place and start thrusting it. You will feel like you're having sex in a spooning position.

Double Pleasure

Bringing in anal toys is the key to making the most out of your fleshlight (Tarrant, 2016). You'll experience a double pleasure for this play as you simultaneously stimulate your penis and prostate gland. Get a vibrating prostate massager, insert it in your anus, and turn it on as you stroke the fleshlight.

Suction Control

Most fleshlights are designed with a suction control opening. Don't ignore the suction control feature, as opening and closing the suction hole can make a big difference in how a fleshlight feels. Cover and uncover the hole with your fingers to control the pressure and suction.

Oral With A Twist

Another creative way to use a fleshlight is by using it while giving oral to your partner. You'll please yourself and your partner simultaneously with this play. Ask your partner to go to a comfy spot where you can access their genitals. Kneel in front of your partner, and start giving them oral. While performing oral on your partner, slide the fleshlight in and out of your penis until you feel the pleasure.


Fleshlights are considered the people's favorites in the world of masturbators and other male sex toys.

Most people desire sex toys that can stimulate the feeling of thrusting a vagina, and fleshlights are known to stimulate this feeling. Fleshlights come in various textures and special features that fit your preferences. Remember to use a fleshlight that is body-safe for a safe experience.


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