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Why You Should Buy A Tenga Egg Male Masturbator

Why You Should Buy A Tenga Egg Male Masturbator

Why You Should Buy A Tenga Egg Male Masturbator

By Ksenia Sobchak

TENGA sex toys are known for their innovative and inventive ways for getting you to experience your greatest orgasms yet. The egg male masturbator is a toy designed to ensure that even men get to discover the intense sensations provided by a small vibrating egg. Vibrating eggs are mostly associated with female sex toys, but the TENGA egg masturbator takes this concept to a whole new level by ensuring that the penis receives the benefits of this toy.

Why You Should Buy A Tenga Egg Male Masturbator

If you have no idea why you should get a TENGA egg masturbator or if you are planning to get one but have no clue how they can help, here are a few reasons;

Tenga Egg Male Masturbators Are Discreet

The TENGA egg masturbator is a small toy, enabling easy storage. There are those people who are extremely private about their sexual life and also need a toy to keep them occupied as they watch their favorite porn shows. The fleshlights and pocket pussies may prove to be a little cumbersome if you have very little storage space especially if you are sharing living spaces with others. The TENGA egg masturbator is a small toy that can be hidden virtually anywhere, allowing you to keep it out of sight. The toy doesn’t have the usual shape of a masturbator, making it difficult for many people to figure out what it is. This discreet storage ability also makes the TENGA egg masturbator a great travel companion. This ensures that you get to have an orgasmic session even on the road making your travels even more exciting.

Why You Should Buy A Tenga Egg Male Masturbator

Tenga Egg Male Masturbators Offer A Great Stretch

The TENGA egg masturbator is made of a super stretchy material that is designed to fit most penis sizes. This makes the toy selection very simple and allows you to quickly choose the toy based on other features. The process of measuring and calculating the penis size takes time and may be too complicated for some to indulge in. For this reason, a generalized toy makes for a great toy as it allows you to pick a toy and go.

Why You Should Buy A Tenga Egg Male Masturbator

Even with precise measurements, you can get a toy that still won’t fit you properly especially if you cannot seem to get a full erection. The egg wraps up your penis as is, making playtime a wear and play affair.

Tenga Egg Male Masturbators Provide Intense Sensations

The TENGA egg masturbator is a small toy that packs an intensely great punch. The toy has powerful vibrations that will greatly massage your sensitive nerve endings to give you the intense sensations that are bound to have you in orgasmic bliss. The intense sensations that grip your body are unique to the toy, enabling you to enjoy a new way to get to the great and explosive orgasmic end.

Sex toys are created to give you stimulations that ensure you get to reach that orgasmic bliss, something that the TENGA egg masturbator achieves with relative ease.

Tenga Egg Male Masturbators Offer Variety

The TENGA egg masturbator comes in various options all designed to provide different sensations. While the toy maintains its size and powerful vibration features, the structure of the toy varies from one design to another. The textures vary from one egg to the other, making sure that you get to choose the egg depending on the sensation you are chasing after.

This slight difference between the eggs makes the toy a collectible. This is because each design provides a different sensation allowing you to collect all the options for experimental purposes. As you try out each egg, you get to find out which one gives you the most powerful experience. Once you have all the eggs, you can always choose which one will go with your session depending on your mood.

Maintenance Of Tenga Egg Male Masturbators 

TENGA egg masturbators are created for one time use but it is possible to reuse them. If you plan on reusing your egg, then you have to clean up the toy after each use. The beauty of the egg is in its cleaning simplicity. All that is required of it is a quick rinse. Just hold the egg under a stream of warm water and once you are done, air dry or use a towel to soak up the excess water and moisture.

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