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Have you ever thought of performing urethral sounding? Are you doing it for the first time? Well, urethral sounding involves three types of activities: plain old sounding, plunging, and stuffing toys into the urethra for sensational pleasures. Therefore, if you fancy this sensual activity, here is a complete guide to urethral sounding for beginners.

Urethral sounding is not commonly known to most people. However, this is nothing to worry about. The experience of erotic urethral sounding is one of the greatest sensations felt by males. As much as most people want to participate in this sexual activity, there is more to it than it sounds.

Moreover, it is a mind-blowing activity worth engaging in to take your sex life to a whole new level of sensations. Want to explore the new world of Eletrastim sensations? Then urethral sounding is the best way to go about it. Additionally, a wide range of urethral-sounding toys will ensure you attain a satisfying experience.

What Is Urethral Sounding

If you have ever tried inserting things inside your urethra, you must be well conversant with this sexual term. Urethral sounding is the process of inserting toys or bondage electro-stim tools inside the urethra. It works perfectly for men and women butis commonly used by males. Urethral sounding is known for offering sexual arousal and extreme pleasures compared to females.

There are three commonly known urethral sounding types:plain old sounding, plungingand stuffing.

Love prostate stimulation? Well, you can easily experience powerful prostate sensations while stimulating them from the urethra. It feels more pleasurable andintense. However, before engaging in urethral sounding, you have to consider a variety of things. Be careful not to touch your bladder during the insertion as this can easily rip or puncture your bladder, which feels extremely dangerous and painful.

The commonly used toys are rods made of differentsizes and materials. These materials can be silicone or steel, depending on your preferences and tastes. Moreover, their sizes range from 3mm to 18mm. But for beginners, consider startingwithsmall or thin steels then advance after getting enough experience. The toys must be boiled first before insertion to prevent bacterial infection.

What Does Urethral Sounding Feel Like?

Most people often compare urethral sounding with prostate milking or anal play. However, they are completely different sexual activities. The sensations and pleasures you achieve in urethral sounding are indescribable. With the kinky urethral sounding, you will be completely in control of your pleasures. All you need to have in your collection is your erotic electric rod and lubricant, and you are good to go.

Beginners are likely to find the whole urethral sounding experience strange and dangerous. However, once you get your rod inside the urethra, you will feel the thrilling pleasures you've never experienced. Moreover, don't twist the rod inside your shaft when you feel uncomfortable. Position yourself perfectly before stroking to achieve sensational pleasures. You will have a different opinion on urethral sounding after the amazing feelings.

Guide to Urethral Sounding

As a newbie in the world of urethral sounding, you are likely to find every step challenging and painful. But you can make every single step pleasurable and thrilling when you focus on this simple guide to urethral sounding. It is the safest way to avoid risks.

Keep ItClean

What are you using for urethral sounding? Well, what you use doesn't necessarily matter. All that matters is the general cleaning. Whether you are going for penis plugs, urethral dilators, or rods, ensure you properly clean them. Most urethral sounders consider boiling to prevent bacterial infection when inserting. Moreover, stick on antibacterial soap to keep your toys in good shape.

Use Lubricants

Lubrication is essential to any sexual activity. Sex lubes help increase sensations and reduce unwanted friction that can cause injuries. Therefore, consider buying yourself a favorite lube and apply it perfectly to rods, plugs, or dilators. Avoid going dry inside your urethra to prevent injuries during insertion. Unlike in females, the penis urethra doesn't produce natural lubricant; hence you need appropriate sex lube for a safe and comfortable experience.

Get an Erection

Erection is one of the most critical aspects you must consider before inserting the rods inside your urethra. Sliding the dilators down the penis might be highly risky when your dick is dormant. Consider erecting before inserting your toys to make the whole experience easier and enjoyable.

Gentle Strokes and Wiggles

How do you want the feeling to be? Do you like it gentle or wild? The feeling depends on your experience with urethral sounding. If you are still a beginner, consider going gentle while sliding your rod down the penis. Moreover, if you think you can take more pain, wiggle the rod to go deeper for extreme sensation. Also, this depends on the penis shape and the type of dilator or plug you have.

Don’t Go too Deep

You are probably a beginner in this game; therefore, going deeper should be the least of things you think of. Also, it is quite dangerous when you go deeper into your shaft. Consider making it slowly and prevent your rod from touching the bladder or damaging your prostate.  Generally, the urethra needs to stretch out slowly to feel the thrilling pleasures of the urethral sounding. However, you cannot achieve this when you go deeper.

Is Urethral Sounding Dangerous?

Have you done it before? How was the experience? Urethral sounding is safe and comfortable when done properly. However, it can be messier and painful when you engage it carelessly. There are rules to follow to ensure you do this extreme sexual fetish successfully. Moreover, the main concern is that you aren’t supposed to go deeper since you can easily damage the bladder and prostate.

Use sizeable rods or plugs because inserting too big or extra thin rods might cause unrealistic problems. Also, to keep the game safe and comfortable, consider washing your hands and toys using clean water and mild antibacterial soap. Lastly, go for authorized surgical sex lubes since not all lubricants are ideal for both your skin and toys. 

Final Thoughts

Urethral sounding is aimed at increasing and improving your sex life experience. Also, the general participants are known to be people with penises. Are you looking for something different to try out? Then consider urethral sounding since it gives new sensations while taking you to a new level of pleasures. Maintain safety and comfort whenever you try urethral sounding with the right lube and sex toys.

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