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10 Erogenous Zones You Never Considered

10 Erogenous Zones You Never Considered

When things get heated up, there are some places you will need your partner to work on. The sensitive hot sensations can excite you when an unexpected erogenous zone is concerned. These zones include lips, genitals, and nipples. However, the body consists of numerous sensitive zones, and there is a possibility that you've never explored the other areas apart from the common ones.

What are erogenous zones? They are any place in the body that evokes high sensitivity and may produce sexual stimulations when triggered. To improve the sensations and stimulations during a sexual act, here are some erogenous zones you can work on.

At the Pubic Mound

It is an area above the pubic bone that may experience electrifying feelings when properly stimulated and triggered during sexual acts. The pubic mound is directly connected to the genitals, and its sexual response is due to the presence of sensitive glands and nerve endings that emit pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals produced by the body that trigger a sexual response from a partner. The nerve endings also produce a natural scent of the body and sweat. Your partner should begin by slightly pleasuring the area as they massage gently to activate this spot. This will steadily increase sexual arousal. Additionally, it may be activated by having your sexual partner pull the skin using a sex toy or mouth. This will produce tingling and pleasurable sensations.

The Stomach

This surprising female erogenous zone is between the pubic area and the belly button at the lower region. It is triggered by caresses that may lead to the G-spot activation. Additionally, a major tease can be found above the pelvic muscles. Your partner can either use sex toys, tongue, or mouth, helping in increasing blood flow to other main erogenous zones inducing intense sexual stimulations. To make use of this area and yield results, implement temperature. You can take a hot, warm, or cold washcloth and use it to caress the area above the pelvis. Note that this should be done before oral sex. This unexpected erogenous zone can also be teased by playfully dangling it from the top while brushing.

The Labia Minora

This unexpected erogenous zone is the innermost lip in the erectile tissues. These erectile tissues merge with blood, becoming hot, deep in color, swollen, and sensitive to touch, especially when sexually aroused. Take your fingers and put in the peace sign to target this inner lip. With the appropriate lube, slide up and down inside the outer lip and the area around the inner lip. This area is highly sensitive. Therefore, you should have enough lubricants.

Inside the Ankle

Najjar, a sexologist, says that this area is one of the many erogenous zones you shouldn't ignore since it induces pleasure when rightly triggered and aroused. The area should be lightly touched for better results. This ideal ankle part may produce the desire to lick or kiss it, thus giving more pleasure.

Crook of the Arm

This is the inner part of the body where the radius and ulna are connected to the humerus. This place is highly sensitive when gently caressed and triggered. Since the skin around this place is thinner, it naturally leads to intense pleasure. Have your partner run fingers gently along the arm (inner side), between the elbow and the wrist, to activate this erogenous zone for men and women. It will lead to a tickling feeling, after which your partner should gently massage this area using an appropriate lube for deeper sensations.

The Butt Cheeks

For those who have had experience in butt play, you should be aware that the butt cheek is another surprising erogenous zone. The butt can be activated through spanking, massaging, or little caressing. This gives tingling sensations, especially to ladies. The place where the butt meets the thighs is also one of the major erogenous zones in ladies.

The Vaginal Wall Interior

This female erogenous zone leads to ejaculation when properly triggered. It may be stimulated by light touch or having sex through various positions, allowing the inserted object to hit the walls. However, stimulating the vaginal walls depends mostly on the speed of penetration and pressure.

The V-spot

This is a crucial erogenous zone for ladies. It is the gateway to the vagina and entry point during penetration. The V means the vaginal vestibule. The area has many nerve endings that, when triggered, lead to intense sensations.

The Wrist

Since the wrist is fragile and delicate, it has sensitive nerve endings. During sexual arousal, it leads to increased sensations activated by gentle caresses.

The Prostate

This gland leads to intense sensations when sexually aroused and stimulated by gentle caressing and massaging after inserting the finger in the rectum.

The Bottom Line

There are many erogenous zones for men and women in the body. The above-mentioned are just a few. Our body is concentrated with numerous sexually charged zones. Take your ample time and learn which spots to touch during sexual play. This will help you and your partner experience intense stimulation, thus building your relationship. It is high time you think out of the box when you hear the mention of 'erogenous zones." Surprising erogenous zones do not only consist of the clitoris, vagina, or vulva. They have different nerve ending concentrations; hence it is up to you to know the degree of stimulation.