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15 Movies Like 50 Shades of Grey -But Way Better

15 Movies Like 50 Shades of Grey -But Way Better

15 Movies Like 50 Shades of Grey -But Way Better

There is a lot of controversial talk about the BDSM-based movie. Some people highly rated it, while others think it does not require all that glorification. Other movies similar to that but way better include:

Basic instinct

A detective, Douglas (the stage name is Nick Curran), investigates the murder of an artist and is drawn into an illicit sexual connection with the chief suspect, Catherine Tramell (stage name is Stone). As worries regarding the good portrayal of bisexual women are nothing new, the film's intense sexual material and characterization of a bisexual lady as a murdering maniac stirred at the time. Since so few filmmakers and actresses have followed in Stone's footsteps, the moment she reveals her vulva remains unsettling. Dines (2010) explained that, like many pornographic films pushing the boundaries, it's a fool's errand to narrow down what is or isn't ethically acceptable about them. One of their most appealing qualities is their ability to defy expectations.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

The Smiths seem to be a typical couple, but their daily routines have dulled their marriage. However, all are skilled assassins who have kept this secret from each other for a long time. The spark that had dissipated over the years is resurrected when they learn the actual identity of their significant other. It's a perpetual battle for supremacy between the two when they're given orders to murder each other and have to determine how to handle it. Because Brad Pitt and Brad Jolie were dating at the time of the shooting, we should expect a lot of chemistry between the two actors.

Last Tango in Paris

Stefan (2013) explained that the debate surrounding the French film Last Tango in Paris was so intense that the press went wild, and the MPAA refused to give it an X rating because of a particularly graphic sex scene. In recognition of Marlon Brando's performance as a grieving American businessman who has a romance with a young French girl named Maria Schneider. The Academy Awards nominated him for the best actor Oscars.


Joe, a nymphomaniac or, more nicely, a sex addict, is the subject of this narrative, and she is not embarrassed about it. Also, she sees sexuality as a vital part of humankind and accepts it. But it's also excruciating since she needs to keep fueling her addiction to think properly and stay calm. Jerome, unlike most others, appreciates her genuine character and the authenticity that comes with it, so he embraces her wild side. To avoid getting engulfed by these desires, it will be necessary for her to be very vigilant and aware of her surroundings. Is there a happy ending in store for them? See if you can figure it out by watching Nymphomaniac.

Out of sight

What do you mean by "heat"? No words describe how well Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney work together in this expertly filmed Steven Soderbergh film, which pairs an undercover U.S. marshal vs. a bank robber.


Unexpected contact with a guy who rescues Connie after she stumbles and injures herself will permanently alter her life, despite having a loving husband and a loving kid. To express her gratitude for his assistance, she arranges another meeting with him, which leads to an affair and a chain of disastrous occurrences. When she's with him, she loses all sense of self-control and risks ruining her picture-perfect existence for a whim.


In Mr. Grey's office, we first saw the beginnings of the Red Room. With time, enigmatic Edward Grey (stage name is James Spader), a lawyer, and his willfully subservient assistant create a dominant relationship (Maggie Gyllenhaal).

Friends with benefits

Jamie and Dylan, who have both been hurt by previous relationships, immediately realize they have a lot of similarities and become fast friends. Abramsky et al. (2011) explained that due to their past experiences, they're unwilling to put themselves out there in the dating world again. As a result, they conclude that sex isn't going to alter their relationship fundamentally.

No strings attached

Davidson (2012) explained that this film must be included on the list since it had almost the same plot as Friends With Benefits, released in the same year. In the novel No Strings Attached, the thought of romancing while keeping their friendship is even more outlandish for Emma and Adam. After a string of failed attempts to impress strangers, they're hoping this arrangement will be the one that keeps them together.

Beyond the lights

Beyond the Lights tells the story of Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a pop sensation, and her lover, a police officer (Nate Parker). It's so hot, and this film deserves a lot more attention.

Blue is the new color.

With "long (borderline hard-core) sex scenes" between teenage lovers, this French film rated NC-17 won the Palme d'Or at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

Cruel intentions

In Cruel Intentions, the sexual desires are pushed to the limit with a seductive and disgusting narrative. For fun, the two step-siblings dare one other to have sex with strangers, to have fun.

Wild things

As the title implies, Wild Things is a sensual journey into a world of uncontrolled impulses. He is detained when two teens accused their counselor of rape, but he disputes the claims and hopes his lawyer will clear his name. Although the investigation seems straightforward, detective Duquette has his suspicions and a strategy to learn the truth.

Eyes wide shut

Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman highly contributed to the success of this movie. It shows the unpleasant punishment of the wife, a whooping period of 400 days. 

Black swan

Darren Aronofsky's psychological thriller about a ballerina, starring Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, is a story of betrayal and slipper-fueled insanity, with a splash of sex thrown in for good measure.

The Thomas Crown Affair

This remake keeps us on our toes because of its tempo. The Nina Simone-inspired score? Rene and Pierce are having an affair. As far as I can tell, the art-house caper's magic hasn't faded.


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