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You will always want to have some fun before getting into the marriage life. When planning for a wild, sinister, and fun bachelorette party, include; sex toys as gifts, romance, and introducing fun games.

Trying to come up with different and fun ideas for a bachelorette party may seem like a lot of work. It would help if you came up with ideas that will make it a memorable day for you. Make the last day of your single party life fun and exciting. You should avoid themes that bring old memories that are worth forgetting. If you are drafting a party for your friend, make sure it is all about her. Some of the ideas you could have for a fun bachelorette party are;

Sex Toy as Gifts

According to Döring (2021), sex toys are material objects used to generate or enhance sexual arousal and pleasure in solo and partnered sex. If the bachelorette is wild, you can gift them sex toys as presents. Tell them that the sex toys can be used when they get mad with their partner and have nowhere to get the pleasure. Their partner can as well use it on them during their sexual activities. 

Bring a Male Stripper

According to Waling (2021), a male stripper is also known as a sexualized male. Invite some male strippers to come and dance for the bachelorette. The host can sit down while the male stripper strips down. They may also give the host a lap dance. Make them have fun.


Have a henna tattoo artist come to the party and draw some tattoos on you. Everyone at the party can draw the same tattoo as the bride to show how supportive they are.


Go out to a different town and have some fun. It can be a road trip or just a night-out trip. Make sure it is a town where none of you are known. Go and have a party in a club and drink yourself out.


Go on a shopping spree at a store and buy some hot lingerie. You can as well buy some scented bath products and perfumes. Rent a hotel room and make it an all-girl party. Have a shower as girls and apply the perfumes on yourself. Moreover, you can have some soft music to dance to as you have fun with your friends. 

Spa Day 

Planning a wedding is hectic and tiresome (Follett & Follett 2008). You might need to get someday off to relax. Go out to town with your girlfriends and have a relaxing day. Get into a spa and have a massage that will cool your mind and body. Try and get some personalized bath robs that you can wear with your friends. 

Buy Some Wine

Get some cool wine and invite your friends. It can even be a wine tasting event as well as a party. Your favorite wine can be included in the list.

Theme Night 

Get to know the bachelorette’s likes and dislikes. Once you find out what they love, get to throw them a party with their favorite theme. If they are crazy and wild, you can try and dress up and get people to try sky diving or mountain climbing if they are into nature. 

Give Personalized Gifts to Friends 

Pamper your friends by giving them some little gifts. It can be some wine or wine glasses, beauty products like lipstick, or a customized shirt as appreciated.


A party does not have to include drinks and people getting wasted. If you are not into that, then there is no problem if you try and have a party that you are okay with. Get some books. It can be erotic books. You can be sipping some wine while getting turned on just by reading the book.

Personalize the Party 

Throw a party and get personalized things that will be over at the party. People can come in wearing shirts that have your name printed on them. It can either be your name or just the date of your wedding day. 

Have a Sleepover

Plan for a sleepover with your girls and try to have a movie night. You can order some takeaway food or even pizza.

Introduce Fun Games    

Have a night out where you can play games. 

Photo Sessions

Get a photo booth and invite your friends to have a photo session with you. 

Make a Scrapbook

Make your friends create a scrapbook and highlight memories they have enjoyed with you. They can talk about the thoughts that they have of the couple and what they wish for them.

Take a Class

There are different classes you can take for fun learning. It can be basketry, cooking, or a strip class. 

Have Amazing Art Invites

Try and get creative and make some fun invites. Get your imagination into use and put your pen and paper on the table. Create some magic and have them be delivered to different people and make them choose the best one that fits you.

Plan To Have Drinks Out of Town

Plan with your friends and go out of town and have some drinks. 

Pole Dancing Class

Try and get into a pole dancing class where you can entertain yourself. You can invite your friends for a night out and have some fun. 


Throwing a bachelorette party seems like a difficult job. However, if you plan to throw one, you need to know what works for you. Try and get ideas from your friends if you find it hard to plan one. Make it fun and interesting for you, the bachelorette. You do not want to plan one, and at the end of the day, you do not feel happy about it because you were trying to please your friends. Make it all about you, and may it work for you.   


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