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A Short Story About Sex - You Owe It To Blondie

A Short Story About Sex - You Owe It To Blondie

A Short Story About Sex - You Owe It To Blondie

By Ksenia Sobchak

Bob had been married to his wife, Sandy for nearly fifteen years, and he had considered them good years. Sandy had married him right out of high school and he was pretty sure that she had been a virgin when he married her. Bob, on the other hand, had always wanted the reputation of being a lover - something he never attained. In fact, when he married Sandy, his only real conquests had been limited to a few round healed girls and a couple of pros. Deep in his mind, he had really considered himself something of a loser in that field.

Then, he met Sandy and had tried his best to bed her before they were married but she had resisted and marriage was the price he willingly paid. He considered his marriage a good deal as Sandy proved to be an accomplished lover and provided him with all the wifely pleasures that he could have hoped for. For the first year or two, bob was a happy man.

Then, he began to feel a need. He had to prove something. It wasn't that Sandy didn't give him all the love and sex that he could ever want but he had to prove his manliness by seducing a woman - most any woman! One who would be a challenge! It somehow seemed important to him!

Of course, it would be necessary for him to make it a conquest - to bring the woman under his influence and use her - if he was to relieve his sense of having failed in life. The whole need slowly became an obsession.

He had been married only three years when his first opportunity presented itself. A young woman flagman with one of his crews had made herself available and on their first out-of-town job, he had seduced her. It had been quite simple, i.e., he asked a direct question, "Would you go to bed with me?" and she did.

The woman had been a sorry piece of ass as she provided nothing more than a depository for is load of semen. She had gone to his room in the motel and once inside, simply undressed and lay on the bed where Bob, also bare-assed moved to her and kissed her. . her lips were cold and as he played with her nipples, she seemed unresponsive.

Still she was a woman and she had responded to him so he felt good as he sank his cock into her cunt. As he drove his tool into her, he looked into her eyes and say nothing. Five minutes later, he felt his ejaculation rising and fired it into her belly. Five minutes after that the woman was dressed and gone.

The next day, on his return home, he found his wife warm and affectionate and he felt the weight of his guilt as he prepared to have sex with Sandy. Somehow, he tried extra hard to please her but simply couldn't.

Of course, over the next few years, he repeated his indiscretions several more times and found no joy in his conquests. . . it was something he had to do - a compulsion! Each time, he returned to Sandy with a guilty conscience.

It was after eleven years of marriage that the idea came to him after a particularly bad guilt trip. Perhaps, if they were to find other sex partners together, to swing, he could relieve his guilt while getting strange stuff. He began to consider how he might bring the subject up to Sandy.

It was after his next indiscretion and guilt trip that he felt pressured to ask his wife, "Have you ever considered having another man? For sex I mean!" The look that he received from Sandy told him his answer - it seemed very final.

Sandy, on the other hand, had been aware of Bob's covert indiscretions since the very first time - maybe not the name of the woman or the details but she knew when he'd been with another woman. His behavior spoke louder than words. She knew and she accepted those indiscretions as her husband's weakness that she could either tolerate or leave the marriage.

Before they were married, in high school, Sandy had been anything but the virgin that Bob thought he'd married. She'd fucked a dozen different guys and with each one she gathered experience. It'd become apparent to her that promiscuous sex offered no lasting pleasure and was filled with the pain and anguish during her Junior year of high school She set about to reform.

During her senior year, she had resisted all the boys advances and temptations to remain celibate, concentrate on her studies and build a new life. She'd met Bob about that time and found a real attraction. He had been a friendly sort at first and she easily fended off his awkward advances.

Then, after several dates, the couple began to develop the foundation for a good marriage. The enjoyed the same things and were of the same religious persuasion and love had happened. When she married Bob, she had made a decision - she would be true to her marriage vows no matter what. . . Much as the knowledge of his covert trysts had hurt her, she would never leave Bob. Besides, in all other aspect of the marriage they were completely in harmony.

Then, when Bob had proposed swinging - she had known that's what he was leading up to, she had thought - she had been hurt deeply. He had been proposing that she violate her vows as he had done his! For the next few days, she felt as separated from Bob as she'd ever been.

It wasn't that Bob had looked at other women. Sandy had covertly eyed masculine men over the years and had considered what it might be like to submit to that man! Of course, she was the only person in the world that knew of her thoughts. Then, she wondered. What was it that Bob had done that so offended her. . . Of course, he had fucked them - of that she was reasonably certain - but they had obviously meant nothing to him.

Slowly, she began to formulate an idea. If getting it on with a member of the opposite sex was simply an animal act done for the sensations of the moment, perhaps it wasn't so wrong. Perhaps it would give her the same charge that it seemed to give her husband. It was after a particularly loving romp in the hay that Sandy asked, "Do you remember asking me if I had ever considered another man to screw me?

Suddenly, Bob was apprehensive. He responded that he remembered but was uncertain what Sandy was going to say. She continued to tell him that she had. She had often considered another man but just for sex. . .she loved only Bob.

It took less than a month to formulate a plan and get to as swingers party where they were met at the door by a woman who explained the rules of the party. It was explained that they could participate to what ever extent they might desire or they might refrain if that was their wish. After leaving their clothes at the dressing room and donning the regulation white robes, they were led to the bar.

At the bar, Sandy and Bob were seated and Bob ordered a double scotch as Sandy surveyed the place in a calm and reasonable manner. She didn't drink as Bob ordered a second double scotch and as he drank, he found that it didn't calm his concern.

Bob was having second thoughts. Sandy was a beautiful woman and would receive plenty of offers. Sandy was his woman and had been sole owner of her body for fifteen years and she was about to give herself to another man. His instinct was to grab her and run from the place but it was something he couldn't do. . .not after convincing her to come in the first place. He sat drinking in misery.

Meanwhile, Sandy had begun to mix with the other couples in the room. She found several interesting men and women and conversed with them as if it were any other party. She moved seemingly confidently but beneath her exterior she was extremely nervous and Bob was being such an ass.

At eight o'clock, the lights dimmed and the music started as the various couples began to dance and play. Sandy drew Bob away from the bar and on to the dance floor where she began to rub her body on to his and caress him in order to bring him out of his drunken depression. By the second dance, Bob had regained his composure and became his old jolly self as Sandy titillated and teased him.

A few minutes later, Bob felt a tap on his shoulder as a rather handsome man and woman signaled to change partners for the remainder of the dance. A single look at the beautiful Blonde who sought to dance with him was enough and they moved off as Sandy eyed the man she was dancing with. They talked and by the end of the dance, she had decided that he was an egotistical ass and moved away towards the bar.

As she moved, another man, a man that women dream about but seldom get, stood in her way. "May I have the next dance?" the man asked politely and she accepted. They danced well together and Sandy noticed that Bob was still dancing with the tall blond. When the man she was dancing with identified himself as Bill and began to show more interest in her Sandy didn't object when he drew her close and kissed her on the neck. When his hands dropped to her ass and drew her to him, she felt his hard member against her belly and she reveled in the fact that she had caused it. She responded as they grew more familiar.

When Bill suggested they find a private area, she responded that she'd have to check with her husband who now sat at the bar with the blond, sloshed! When she approached him, Bob came to her and she said that Bill had suggested a private room and before she went, she wanted to get his permission. Bob rather smiled in his drunken condition and said something about that being what they came for.

At the bar, Bill ordered he and Sandy a glass of white wine and they sat getting familiar as were perhaps two dozen other couples. Seated at the darkened bar, they whispered little words to each other and Sandy felt herself growing more horny. Occasionally, she saw Bob still getting drunker. . . the blond matching him drink for drink.

Then, as they finished their wine, Bill and Sandy sought a private room where they might carry out their assignation in private. As they approached the private room, Sandy felt her concern ebb and her excitement build. Her daring, her sense of guilt, her defying society, her need for a new experience were not new to her and she felt like a high school girl again as she moved confidently.

As they found a darkened room, she was ready - ready to Fuck Bill and experience the excitement of a new adventure. Then, once inside the darkened room, they were alone and when Bill moved to give her a deep soul kiss, she responded in kind. Her excitement Continued to grow as they embraced and her robe parted at the front. Suddenly she felt Bill's bare flesh against her and his now fully erect cock pressed between them. She felt her heart race and her breathing become short as her lust swelled.

She was ready as dropped their robes and moved to the bed where they were to play. As his hands and lips began to familiarize themselves with her breasts, Sandy realized this was not a high school stud but a man. . . and what a man! There were no quick, awkward moves like she had experienced during her high school flings but, rather, the moves of a skillful lover.

With each new sensation she felt her passions grow and her body become attuned to the action. Her nipples stood out like hard little nubbins as she felt her vestibule moist. As she responded to Bills ministrations, she heard herself begin to whimper little mewlings of passion.

Then, she felt Bill move down and kiss and lave across her belly to her inner thighs to bring new sensations and more passion. After a time he slowly moved up to Sandy's groin area and as his thumb and finger parted her labia, she felt his tongue delve deeply into the soft inner flesh. She heard herself say, "Fuck me Bill. . .now!"

Then, as Bill responded to her request, she felt his tool slide slowly into her ready quim. Bill moved slowly to take advantage of each new sensation and enjoy the little nuances of pleasure that might have been passed if he'd hurried. There was no question in Sandy's mind that Bill was a master cocks-man after only a few seconds of his entry.

Sandy had not planned to have an orgasm during sex that night. It hadn't seemed possible that she could become so aroused as to produce one. Several minutes into their coitus, she felt it. . . the orgasm came on her suddenly and she had no time to prepare. She cried out and tensed as her body went into full release.

Meanwhile, above her, Bill had sensed her rising passions and reacted also as he fired his load into the condom that sheathed his cock. It had been a thrilling experience, more exciting than any of her high school experiences, and Sandy lay in the afterglow feeling contentment.

A minute later it was over as Bill withdrew his now flaccid cock and placed the condom in the trash receptacle. They donned their robes and walked together to the bar. As they walked, Bill suggested they might do each other again later and Sandy replied that she thought not as she was going to check on her husband.

At the bar, Bill quickly made contact with a short redhead and they moved away to talk together as Sandy surveyed the area for her husband. It was across the room, in a darker corner that she saw him, still with the same blond. He lay passed out on the mat as the blond played with his limp penis.

As she approached them, she realized that the blond was nearly as drunk as Bob and in need of assistance herself. As she grew closer, it was apparent that the blond woman had been sucking Bob's cock, apparently to no avail, and was gamely trying to raise his hard-on with her hands. Then, as she tried to explain something to Sandy, she simply leaned over Bob and passed out.

An hour later, Sandy pulled up in front of their house with the two drunks, still in their robes, passed out in the back seat. She took each limp body to their master bed and removed their robe before placing them in the bed. Then, seeing the two safe and secure, she retired to the guest room for the night. It was after ten o'clock when Sandy heard stirring in the master bedroom.

She had arisen early and showered and prepared for the day. Then, she began breakfast for three. As she worked, she thought about the previous night and felt no regrets - only her expected feeling of guilt! Of course, she was concerned that Bob had gotten drunk and ruined his evening but the blond, upstairs, could still fix that.

Half an hour later, Bob came stumbling into the kitchen, freshly showered, shaved and looking terribly hung over. As he approached Sandy their eyes met and there was a tension between them that bode a sense of separation that kept them both silent. Sandy poured coffee for them and proceeded to make bacon and eggs.

Finally, it was Bob that broke the silence, "Did you have a good time last night?" Sandy replied non-committally, "I guess I did." and stopped short of any further comment. Then, after a long moment, Bob asked, "Did you?" And Sandy replied, "Yes." and stopped short. Bob pressed her with another question, "Was it good for you?" and Sandy said simply, "I don't want to discuss it. It's over and done with."

Then, Bob changed his questions. "How did I do?" he asked and Sandy replied, "You and the blond upstairs got very drunk." She replied. "Did I fuck her?" Bob asked and she responded, "No. You owe her one there." They sat in silence again.

"What do I do now?" Bob asked after a time and Sandy said simply, "You owe blondie, upstairs for last night. You'd better go up to her and pay up. Bob looked into Sandy's eyes with a pained expression as he asked, "What do I do to pay up?" Sandy replied, "Well, fuck her, of course. She tried her best to get you to perform last night"

"I don't want to," Bob spoke, "It'll be like I was defiling our marriage."

Sandy responded, "Never bothered you over the years when you had all those other women; then, came back here loaded with guilt. Why now?" The words cut through Bob like a knife. He started to deny that there had been any; the, realized that another lie would be futile.

He arose from the table, leaving is food uneaten and returned upstairs where he found his blond lady friend just beginning to stir from the bed. He went to her and, with a light tone that he didn't feel, kissed her as he wished her a good morning.

As his blonde friend began to stir, he went to the bathroom and got fresh towels and started the shower. Then, he removed his clothing and guided her into the shower where they proceeded to wash each other. Gradually, after the shower and teeth brushing the aura of drunkenness was dissipated and blondie looked quite beautiful.

Still nude, the two moved to press their bodies together and to caress and embrace each other. Bob had no interest as he thought of his wife downstairs. It was only after Blondie began to massage his cock that he felt his arousal and from there matters progressed rapidly.

Five minutes later, the two were on the bed and Bob's wife was forgotten as they moved together. Bob pushed Blondie on to her back on the bed and moved over her. Blondie spread her knees wide to accept him as he moved into position and placed his cock into her vestibule.

As she lay waiting, Bob rammed his cock all the way into her and the flew into a fucking frenzy. It was crude and awkward but Blondie didn't seem to care. There was no love making - just friction and fantasy as they fucked each other. When Bob felt his release, he told her and she gave a mighty effort which ended in a mutual culmination.

It was only then that Bob remembered, he hadn't used a condom!

As they dressed, he explained about the condom to Blondie and she replied, "I'm on the pill and you're safe." A few minutes later, Blondie, in her robe, came to the kitchen and accepted coffee from Sandy. They did not talk.

A few minutes later, the taxi arrived and Blondie was gone.

Bob and Sandy sat alone, in silence, at the kitchen table.

A few minutes later, their eyes met and Bob saw a hint of a smile on Sandy's face. "Do you want to do it now?" she asked and, in response, he stood from the table, turned off the burners on the stove and took Sandy's hand. Nothing more needed to be said as they started to climb the stairs..