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Chastity Devices - In A Non Fetish Relationship

Chastity Devices - In A Non Fetish Relationship

Chastity Devices - In A Non Fetish Relationship

By Elena Ognivtseva

Exploring your sexuality and deepening a relationship should encompass the use of a variety of sexual aids. There are a wide variety of sex toys and tools available to bring your sexual exploration to the next level. Chastity devices are not simply for those into a fetish lifestyle. There are all sorts of reasons to bring a chastity tool into your relationship. Not only does delayed gratification heighten the eventual release, it also focuses the attention. Both men and women often find that wearing a device to prevent sexual fulfillment makes orgasm easier to achieve and more intense. Plus, wearing a chastity belt encourages trust on both sides of the relationship. Both the key bearer and the belt wearer often find that the experience is one that brings out an open and honest exploration.

Exploring Male Chastity: Why to Say Yes!

For men, even the suggestion of a chastity device can be a severe shock. The idea that a partner will control your sexual fulfillment is one that many men have never explored. However, once in the situation, many find freedom in the lack of control. By turning over the ability to orgasm to another, many men find that the eventual experience is more intense. Also, your focus may be improved since you won't be dealing with constant thoughts of sex after the first few days.

Your sexual thoughts are more focused on your partner, as they are the only person able to give you the release you crave. Male chastity prevents you from facing the embarrassment of uncontrolled arousal when dealing with attractive co-workers. Even if you are not into the fetish scene, adult toys like a chastity device can still be an excellent addition to your bedroom play.

Female Chastity: Getting the Orgasm You Deserve!

Women enjoy enforced chastity because the mental focus on sexual thoughts makes it easier to achieve orgasm. You might be surprised to discover that almost 50 percent of women in America admit that they have never had an orgasm. For those of you who are among that number, start with sexual aids. What is going on in your head is just as important for orgasm as what is happening to your body. A chastity belt can help you find the mental focus to make sex a priority. Wearing sexy underwear or even going commando is a good first step, but a chastity device ups the ante. Some women find that wearing a device that prevents them from reaching their genitals allows them to find orgasms solely from nipple stimulation, or even indirect stimulation. The added mental stimulation is often all it takes to encourage orgasm.

Chastity: Not Just for Sexual Stimulation

Couples often find chastity devices improve their sex lives, but that is not the only reason to give them a try. A chastity device can also help improve the trust levels in a relationship. If your significant other travels frequently, or has difficulty saying no to sex, a chastity device can offer the reassurance of faithfulness. If you know that your partner can't achieve sexual satisfaction outside your relationship, it allows you to go into a relationship with more trust. Also, when a partner is willing to explore chastity outside of your relationship, it shows a deep level of commitment. The more open and honest partners can be, the more likely a relationship is to flourish and deepen with the years. Take the time to explore all aspects of your relationship with a variety of sexual aids and trust building techniques.