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Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Kratom

Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Kratom

Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Kratom

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa was discovered around 1836 in Southeast Asia regions where laborers used to chew kratom leaves or make a brew and consume it to increase their energy and get through the day or relax after their working day.  

In the US, kratom was imported in the 1980s, and nowadays, around 3-5 million people use it to manage a wide spectrum of conditions like chronic pains, mood disorders, and opioid dependence.  

What Are the Effects of Kratom?

The kratom leaves are rich in alkaloids. They contain over 20 different types of alkaloids of which 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine are the most prominent ones. They produce effects similar to those of opioids but less pronounced.  

What Is Kratom Used For?

As we said, kratom is used to manage a wide variety of conditions including chronic pain, mood disorders, focus issues, and more. Below, we’re looking at the top kratom benefits.  

Kratom for Pain Relief

In its native regions, kratom has been mostly used to alleviate discomfort and pain. The alkaloids in kratom bind to the opiate receptors of the central nervous system, stimulating the release of enkephalins, dynorphins, and endorphins which suppress the signals for pain. Depending on the dose, kratom can be used to relieve the symptoms of backache and joint pain, as well as chronic conditions like arthritis. The best kratom types for pain relief are Red Bali kratom, Red Borneo kratom, and Green Maeng Da kratom.  

Kratom for Energy

Kratom stimulates the nerve’s activation to release noradrenaline and adrenaline. Additionally, it enhances the process of oxygenated blood to the muscles boosting energy and overall stamina. A low to moderate kratom dose removes the tiredness and fatigue and makes you feel more energized. People that need an extra energy driver often use White Maeng Da kratom as it’s considered to be the best type for an energy boost.

Kratom for Better Mood

Kratom stimulates serotonin levels, thus improving the overall mood while reducing stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. What is more, alkaloids in kratom stimulate the nervous system, stimulating the release of endorphins which, in turn, elicits sociable feelings? Green Maeng Da and Green Malay are the top kratom types for enhancing the mood. Low doses of 1-3 grams would be enough to feel more positive. Higher doses might cause euphoria.  

Kratom for Concentration

Kratom is an excellent supplement for sharpening the focus. Busy people are often using it to elicit better focus and motivation. The acetylcholine regulates the endocrine system, enabling the cortical circuits to respond to sensory stimuli with high potential. White and Red Borneo, Green Malay, and Yellow Trainwreck are the top choices for boosting your focus.  

Kratom for Libido

Users associate kratom with increased libido. There are no studies that can confirm this but people who have used kratom report increased sexual desire and better performance. Some users also believe kratom has a positive influence on fertility.  

Kratom for Diabetes Prevention

Kratom balances the levels of insulin and glucose, preventing spikes and drops of blood sugar. People that already deal with diabetes can use kratom to effectively manage food cravings, helping people to eat less, reduce their weight, and improve overall health, thus keeping their condition in check. 

Kratom for Immunity

Kratom serves as a natural antioxidant benefiting the entire immune system. It protects against free radicals and also gives the body all the essential nutrients to make it feel vital. 

Katom for Relieving Opiate Withdrawal

People going through opiate withdrawal can relieve the symptoms by using kratom. Kratom’s main alkaloids bind to the opioid receptors, mimicking the effects of the opioids without causing any harm. 


What Are the Different Types of Kratom?

Kratom leaves differentiate by the colors of the veins which attribute distinctive effects. 

White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom is described as mood-elevating and energizing. It’s often used as a stimulant as it promotes mental sharpness and alertness. People usually consume white vein kratom when in need of motivation and concentration. What is more, it can alleviate fatigue and drowsiness without eliciting restlessness. 

Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom is calming and used for relaxation and stress relief. It’s also a good choice for curing insomnia, reducing pain, and relieving muscle tension. Red vein kratom is often used as a replacement for muscle relaxants and pain drugs. 

Green Vein Kratom

In terms of potency, green kratom sits between red and white strains. It’s a mild energy booster that also sharpens the focus and makes you more alerted. The green vein kratom type is also used for treating mild pains and achieving a sense of relaxation without feeling drowsy or sleepy. At the same time, green vein kratom can be used to make you feel more comfortable at social gatherings and treat anxiety.  


What Are the Most Common Kratom Strains?

In the kratom world, there are many different types beyond the main three color differentiations. The name of the kratom strain depends on the place where that particular strain typically grows. The different climate conditions affect the active substances in the kratom leaves so you will encounter different kratom strains for different needs. 

Maeng Da Kratom

Coming from Thailand, Maeng Da kratom is regarded as one of the strongest kratom strains available. It’s great for an energy boost and mood improvement. Maeng Da is the most common caffeine substitute and it has a long duration and intense effect. At smaller doses, it has calming effects, whereas at high doses it’s an effective analgesic and helps control anxiety.   

Malay Kratom

Malay kratom has strong stimulation properties. While it’s not the best choice for relieving pain and anxiety, it helps reduce tension. It elicits positive feelings, increases alertness, and provides focus.  

Borneo Kratom

Borneo grows in Borneo Island and it has a high concentration of 7-hydroxy mitragynine. It has relaxing properties and can lead to a euphoric sensation when taken in high doses. What is more, the Borneo strain helps with pain relief and treats anxiety and stress. Many people opt for Borneo to treat insomnia. 

Bali Kratom

Bali kratom acts as a stimulant. Red Bali kratom is the first choice of numerous beginners. It also suppresses hunger and helps manage weight. 

Trainwreck Kratom

The Yellow Trainwreck kratom is a unique blend that combines several types of kratom strains. Its name refers to the yellowish color that leaves get after they undergo the unique process of fermentation which changes the alkaloids, thus providing a wider spectrum of benefits. Essentially, you can expect all known kratom effects. 


How Does Kratom Make You Feel?

Many kratom users report feelings of general well-being and happiness which might extend to euphoria when taking higher doses. Others say kratom helped them feel more relaxed and sleep better.  

The day after taking kratom, users have reported a “kratom hangover”, experiencing symptoms similar to those of alcohol poisonings like headaches, nausea, and irritability.  

More serious side effects are associated with higher kratom doses. Kratom’s side effects are typically less intense than the side effects that drug users experience. Common symptoms may include constipation, nausea, vomiting, sweating, itching, dizziness, and pupillary constriction.  

High kratom doses might cause coordination problems which is why it’s advisable to avoid taking kratom when driving. More serious side effects associated with long-term kratom use include liver toxicity, kidney failure, cardiotoxicity, anorexia, and psychosis.


How to Take Kratom?

Kratom comes in two basic forms: powder and capsules. There are multiple options on how to take kratom depending on your preferred form.  

Toss and Wash

Toss and wash is a simple method that enables you to feel the kratom effects almost immediately. You need to take your dose of kratom powder (whole or partial), toss it in your mouth, and wash it with liquid. The raw powder, however, has a strong flavor that might be unpleasant. 

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules allow you to bypass the strong taste of kratom powder. Plus, you don’t need to measure your doses or prepare anything — just take enough pills to form the desired dose and swallow them with water.  

Kratom Tea

Kratom tea is arguably the most popular method of taking kratom. To prepare it, you need to boil water and then add the desired dose of kratom powder. Boil the mixture for about 30 minutes and then use a strainer or coffee filter to strain the liquid. Add honey, molasses, syrup, milk, lemon juice, ginger, or mint leaves to diversify the tea’s taste. 

Kratom-Infused Food and Drinks

Simple and creative, adding kratom powder into your favorite food and drinks is another way of taking kratom you’ll love. You can add powdered kratom into your morning juice, smoothie, granola — the options are limitless.  


How to Dose Kratom?

Kratom doses are a matter of the individual's tolerance, body reference, and personal preference. It’s advisable to start with a small dose of 1-2 grams and then moderately increase it with each next take until you reach the desired effect. Doses of more than 5 grams carry a greater risk of side effects.  

Is Kratom Addictive?

Kratom has unique chemicals that carry a very low risk of addiction. But since its effects are mind-altering, it might lead to dependence, especially when used long-term. Symptoms of kratom withdrawal can appear within the first 12 hours of the last intake in the form of muscle pain, mood swings, agitation, and insomnia.   

Accidental Kratom Overdose

Accidental kratom overdose is possible to happen if the individual has a high tolerance for opiates; therefore, they aren’t able to properly dose the kratom. Shortness of breath, chills, and nausea are the most common signs of an accidental kratom overdose.   

How Does Kratom Show on a Drug Test?

Common drug tests can’t detect the presence of kratom in the system. The alkaloids found in kratom differ from those in typical opiates. A drug test won’t even show a false positive. 

How Long Does Kratom Stay In Your System?

While kratom won’t show on a drug test, a simple blood test can detect the kratom presence up to 3 days of the last use. Similarly, kratom shows up on a urine test even after 7-9 days of the last use.   

Is Kratom Legal?

In the US kratom is considered to be a drug of concern. At the state level, it’s legal except for several states (Rhode Island, Arkansas, Alabama, Vermont, Indiana, and Wisconsin) where it’s forbidden to buy, sell, and use kratom. Tennessee, Illinois, and New Hampshire restrict the use of kratom by age. 

Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and several EU states like Poland, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden have also banned the use of kratom. In the UK, it’s forbidden to sell, export, and import kratom. The plant is also illegal for use in Malaysia; however, it’s still widely consumed as the tree is native to that region. Since 2018, Thailand allows the use of kratom for medical purposes but not as a recreational drug.  

How to Grow Kratom at Home?

If you want to keep a kratom plant at home, you can even if you’re living in a country or state where selling and consuming kratom is forbidden.  

First, you need to obtain kratom seed from a trusted source. The seeds are fresh for up to three days after harvesting. The next step is to create the best conditions for the plan to grow and thrive. You need a specialized room with a controlled temperature and no direct sunlight. Also, you need nutrient-dense with pH levels of 5.5 to 6.5. Make sure to check the Kratom Reddit thread where you’ll find a lot of useful tips from fellow kratom cultivators.   

Where to Buy Kratom?

Kratom isn’t a regulated substance so you can easily come across products contaminated with chemicals that boost its potency but reduce the cost. When considering where to buy kratom, make sure to learn a bit about the company’s culture and its sourcing process. Also, find out whether the products undergo lab-quality testing.