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Free adult short stories - The Barracks

Free adult short stories - The Barracks

Free adult short stories - The Barracks

By Ekaterina Mironova

I had been with my boyfriend Bruce, for just under a year, when I was invited to attend the Christmas Ball at his Barracks.

It was quite a posh affair, and he told me I would need to buy a ball gown, and that I was to arrive at around 7pm.

On the day of the ball, I knew I had to look totally gorgeous, as there would be hundreds of fit young soldiers around in their uniforms, and even though I was technically attached, it never hurts to flirt a little.

I had a long hot shower, and spent ages rubbing soapy bubbles all over my 36GG breasts, over my whole body, and watching the bubbles gather together around my pussy.

The thought of all those soldiers drinking that night, and watching me, turned me on so much, that before I knew it, I had 2 fingers inside myself, and was frigging myself off to the thought.

I had to cut my little fantasies short though, as I only had 3 hours left to prepare myself.

When I was eventually ready, I got into my car, and made the short journey up to the army barracks.

When I got there, I headed straight up to Bruce's room, where he took one look at me and stared open mouthed. He has never seen me make such a huge effort before, but I knew tonight was important to him, so I didnt want to let him down.

I had a floor length black satin strapless dress on, which heaved and pushed my large breasts together, and nipped in at my waist, black strappy sparkly sandles, with a matching clutch bag. I hardly had any jewelry on, save a pair of diamond stud earings, and a tiny teardrop shaped diamond pendant on a white gold chain. The teardrop tantalisingly fell just above my clevage.

With Bruce still staring at me, I lifted one leg onto the end of his bed, and showed him that I was wearing just a teeny tiny pair of red satin thongs under my dress and nothing else.

I thought this would turn him on, but he seemed to be more interested in us being late for our meal, so disappointed, I followed him across the grounds to the huge marquee which had been set out on one of the fields.

As soon as we entered, I saw a few of Bruce's best friends, standing to greet us as we entered, and none of them hid their feelings at seeing me so dressed up for the night. Every time I walked, I could feel my breasts bouncing slightly, drawing gazes from every man in the room. Every time I bent down, I could feel eyes straining to look down my dress and catch a sight of my heaving clevage.

All this attention from every one other than my boyfriend, was beginning to make me very wet, hot and flustered, so I decided to go to the bar for a drink.

Once I got there, I saw Gary was maning the bar. I have always had a soft spot for Gary, and we had been flirting with each other like mad for nearly a year now.

When he handed me my drink, he made sure that he spilled just the tiniest amount on my hand, so I would have to bend slightly to lick it off.

As I bent down, I could feel his eyes watching my breasts, and when I looked up, I looked deep into his eyes, and ever so slowly, licked the back of my hand with just the edge of my tongue.

Gary could barely move. But I could see in his eyes that he wanted more.

As the evening went on, I kept finding more and more excuses to go to the bar, and every time I went, Gary would find another reason for me to lick my hand, or bend over, until he reached right over the bar and kissed me on the cheek.

Instantly, I felt shockwaves run down my spine, to my legs, and I could barely stand.

Gary jumped over the bar to hold me up, and asked where Bruce was.

"He's playing drinking games with some other naughty boys" I replied, giving him a filthy smile at the same time.

"Could you show me to the ladies?" I asked. Knowing full well where the toilets were, I practically lived at the Barracks.

"sure" replied Gary, and he took my arm, and led me over to his accommodation block.

He opened the door, to let me through, grabbed my arm and began kissing my neck, nuzzling me with his nose. I groaned as I felt his already stiffening cock brushing against my arse cheeks.

Gary spun me around, and took me in his big powerful arms, and started kissing me, long and slow and deep. I could feel every tiny part of that kiss inside my pussy. I could feel my muscles already straining to be around something hard.

I ran my hands all over his body, stopping shy of his cock every time my hands where anywhere near it, causing Gary to groan as I teased him.

Problem was, this was turning me on, as much as it was him, so I sank to my knees, and began undoing his uniform.

I saw his cock spring free, and although it wasnt the biggest one I have had, it was by far the thickest I have seen. I licked my lips and began to run the very tip of my tongue down his whole length, and then back to the top again. I started to run my tongue in ever decreasing circles all around his shiny bell end, with his cock waving about in the air, desperate for me to take it all down my throat. But I like to tease.

I kept up my licking for a while, and then turned my tongue flat against his cock, and started to lick every last milimeter of his beautiful cock. I then began to replace the licks with little tiny kisses, then bigger kisses, all the while rubbing his swinging balls with my left hand.

Finally, I took the tip of his cock in my mouth, and started to suck on it, rubbing my hands all over his length as I did so.

I teased him by taking only an inch at a time, and sucking, and rolling my tongue over as much of his cock as I could, until I eventually gave in to his moans, and took his whole length in my mouth.

The sides of my lips were hurting with being stretched by his girth so much, but I could tell he was enjoying it.

He grabbed my hair, and began pulling my head backwards and forwards on to his cock, faster and faster, with the only sound in the room being his balls slapping off my chin, and my moans of pleasure onto his cock.

Gary let out a big moan, and I prepared myself for his hot cum to gush down my throat, but he pulled away.

I stood up confused, when he lifted me up and then put me down hard on the sink. He dropped to his knees and lifted the long skirt of dress up, and pushed my tiny knickers to one side. At once, I felt his fat tongue in and around me. The cheeky sod was teasing me as much as I had teased him. He slowly began to work one of his long fat fingers between my lips, whilst the other hand travelled up to play with my tits through my dress.

I quickly yanked the top of my dress down, so he could have free reign to play with my huge globes. He started licking and sucking on my clit, working another finger deep in my pussy, shaking his hand as he worked them in and out and in and out. His fingers from his other hand found one of my nipples and he began to roll it about between his fingers, feeling it harden at his touch.

I began to moan and groan louder and pushed his head closer to my pussy as I felt my orgasm building, but he stood up.

He looked me in the eyes, and gave me a dirty grin and I was overcome with lust.

He dipped his head and replaced one hand between my pussy lips as he began sucking and chewing on my nipples.

he was driving me mental, I needed him more than I have needed anything in my life.

Gary must have felt my pussy quivering, as he grinned at me again and said "Ok, Ok, I can see that you are in agony"

And with one swift movement, my legs were over his shoulders, and he was rubbing the tip of that beautifully fat cock over my lips. I could feel it pulsing against my juices. Gary held his cock against my clit and started to sway his hips, so he was essentially using his cock as I would use my vibrator against my clit. I was moaning louder than ever, when I felt a finger tracing my nipple. My nipples being played with drives me wild, and it was too much for me. I came harder than I have come in my life, and was screaming out in pleasure as he rubbed my clit harder and harder with his cock.

Just when I thought I couldnt take any more, he held his cock against my lips, and with one massive push, thrust his entire cock deep into my pussy.

With my legs over his shoulders, it made me feel totally full of cock, and raunchy as hell.

He lowered my legs, and i wrapped them around his waist, pulling him closer to me, as close as i could get him, and he lent forward to kiss me. i could smell my juices all over his face, so licked his lips so i could taste just how turned on i was.

He bent to lick my nipples, still fucking me hard and deep, and just the feel of his head between my hands, and his tongue on my nipples made my body shake and quiver as I had yet another huge orgasm.

The feeling of my juices flooding all over his cock must have been too much for Gary to take, as he slipped his cock out of my sopping wet pussy, and placed it between my huge tits.

I sucked and sucked and sucked the end of his cock as it protruded from my clevage, and it was only a minute or so when i watched his cock jerk about, and quickly closed my mouth around the end of his fat tip as i felt his cream pumping deep down my throat.

Grinning, I swallowed the lot, then laughed at how dishevelled we looked in the mirror.

In that instance, Gary looked to the door, and we saw Bruce standing there staring. I thought he was going to blow his lid at me for daring to fuck not only someone else, but one of his pals, when I looked down and saw his cock was in his hand.

So I did the only thing I could think of, I walked over, and put his cock between my lips, and sucked him off too. Bruce did eventually blow, but not his lid, he blew his load all over my tits, then made me lick it all off as "my punishment" for screwing someone else.