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How To Bring Role Play Into The Bedroom

How To Bring Role Play Into The Bedroom

How To Bring Role Play Into The Bedroom

By Ksenia Sobchak

Role play is a fantastic way to add spark to a long term relationship or even to add a bit of fun to a new one. With so many outfits on offer you could fill an entire wardrobe with special outfits for those sexy occasions.

Keep a Sense of Humour

When first exploring role pay a sense of humour is vital as you both may feel a little silly at first, however once you both become aroused you’ll find the laughter is replaced with moans of the satisfaction kind.

Find the Fantasy

Everyone has fantasies and some are quite generic. Fantasies are our way of safely imagining scenarios we wouldn’t usually feel comfortable in in the real world. Over a glass of wine ask your partner about their fantasies, it could be anything from little red riding hood and the wolf to nurse and patient.

Get Him Involved

IT used to be that the only male dressing up outfits were comical and hardly sexy at all, however now on the market there are plenty of outfits so you can have your fantasies filled too. From a burly fireman that whisks you to bed over his strong shoulder to the policeman who will let you off on that speeding ticket if only you’d return the favour sexually!

Give Each Other Names

Depending on your outfit you can give each other names this not only adds to the role play but also brings back those feelings of when you first met incorporating lust, anticipation and of course arousal.

If you’re a nurse try something like, Nurse Naughty or even Nurse Jones, this will help you both slip into your new role play world and allow you to detach so you can play your new part with gusto.

Set the Scene

Many people think that just dressing up is role play enough however by setting the scene you can play out a full series of events that will whip you both up into a frenzy. If you’re a nurse take your patient to bed, and offer a bed bath before being more daring by touching parts a nurse usually wouldn’t, or if you’re a secretary take events to the home office, ask your partner to slip on a suit, wear some fake glasses and flick through papers on the desk before dropping some on the floor just in front of his feet, who knows what you’ll find while you’re down there!

Allow for Variations

You may have a perfect scene in your head that you relive when alone, daydreaming or otherwise, however don’t expect this scenario to follow the script completely. By knowing that your fantasy is likely to change a lot in the real world you’ll be prepared for a lot more fun and will enjoy new scenes that your partner adds to the mix.