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How to Style Your Pubic Hair

How to Style Your Pubic Hair

How to Style Your Pubic Hair

By Elena Ognivtseva

When it comes to pubic hair, there are so many preferences that it may be hard to keep up. The hairy vagina look of the 80s was replaced by clean shaven vaginas and this trend is still going strong. How you choose to keep your pubic region is completely up to you and it is never okay for someone else to tell you what to do with it. Apart from the hairy and clean shaven looks, there are so many other options. As with any other body part, the pubes can be transformed into a work of art that will no doubt have you smiling. From funny designs to bizarre ones, pubic hair can be turned into anything the mind can conceive. All that is needed is patience and the right tools to get the ball rolling.

If you choose to do it yourself, there are a few steps that you need to take.

Pubic Hair Trim

If your pubes are long, the first step would be to trim the whole area so that you get a uniform length. For this step, make sure you avoid scissors. They are harder to control and you may end up with your pubes looking chopped and with length variation. Hair clippers are the better option as they will keep the length even throughout. It may take a while to get the whole thing done but the results will be definitely worth the effort.

Pubic Hair Design Creation

From lightning bolts to arrows to love hearts, there are so many designs that can be applied to the patch of hair on your mound. This step can be done in one of two ways, both of which are discussed.

The first method involves the use of a stencil. You could create your own or just get one that is predesigned. Take an unscented cream or lotion and apply it to the bottom of the stencil. Place it on the area you would like the design to be. Holding the stencil in place, shave the surrounding area, making sure the hair is shorter. Stick as close to the boundary as possible to avoid creating distorted lines.

Alternative Method to Pubic Hair Trim

If you do not have the stencil, you can use red lip liner for this part. Always make sure that you use the lip liner for this purpose only. Using a clear shaving gel or cream that does not foam and shave the hair, keeping the blade as close to the outline as possible.

Warm Shower or Bath

Once you have trimmed the pubes around the shape, wipe away the hair with a towel. Take a warm bath or shower to soften the pubic hair before taking a razor to the area. Once the hair feels softer, it is time for the shave.


Apply the cream to the underside of the stencil and place it on your pubes. Using your preferred shaving cream or gel, apply it to the target area. Once this is done, shave off the hair and keep the razor as close to the boundary as possible. Go over the area until you get the clean shave that you are aiming for. Once you are done, remove the stencil and wash the area again. After this, apply a moisturizing unscented cream to the area.

Tips Style Your Pubic Hair

Getting simple designs done is easy. However, for more complex shapes it is better to get the stencils done. There are so many stencils available in the market whose prices range so make sure to find the one that suits your needs.

The products that you use for this session are not intended for internal use. To be safe, always ensure that you keep the products on the outside of your body.

Color application to the pubic hair is something that makes the area pop. However, always ensure that you apply color before shaving. If you have already shaved, wait a day or two before applying. The color tends to sting on freshly shaved skin and it is not worth the pain.

Shaved hair tends to grow back a little fast. If the hair grows too fast for your taste, switch from shaving to waxing as this will delay the hair growth a bit more.