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Is a Bald Beaver the Only Way to a Man’s Heart?

Is a Bald Beaver the Only Way to a Man's Heart?

Is a Bald Beaver the Only Way to a Man's Heart?

By Tatyana Dyachenko

If you've ever watched Embarrassing Bodies you'll have seen the attempts some women have made to achieve the perfect bald beaver look.

Shaving rashes, in growing hairs and spots, litter the delicate skin, making the men's fantasy an unattractive reality. We receive a lot of letters from women asking if they really have to shave or wax down there to stay in fashion and now men seem to be following suit.

The answer is no. There's no rule to say a bald beaver is best, in fact the big bush should be making a comeback as it has many advantages.

So may women put up with waxing all over trying to conform to the porn norm? If you've ever looked closely at women's bits on porn you'll see they also have very bald but very orange bum holes. This can be due to a number of reasons, camera effects to hide imperfections, or over bleaching of the area in order to turn the dark pink skin white. It's certainly not attractive.

Men have also started trimming and shaving as they believe this is what women want, probably because of the taunts they've received from women who demand they go through the same thing. But is a bald penis and balls attractive or bound to turn a woman on. Personally I think not but each to their own.

Why Pubic Hair Should Stay

It's when you see a totally bald penis and testicles that you realise why you adore pubic hair. There's something so very manly about it, along with the way it tickles a little when bodies join. Now and again it can be delightful to feel nothing there, especially if the female is bald too, as it's complete skin on skin, but surely this is what penetration is for as you can't get much closer than that.

For women, the pubic hair maintains modesty. It brings back the feminine side of things as even when naked it leaves a little to the imagination and puts thoughts in the mind of delving right in. When it's all bald and bare there's nothing left to discover as everything is on display which often leaves the vagina untouched, as men have seen what they wanted and have no reason to explore.

Some men say they prefer it for oral sex, yet I've yet to see a clitoris sprout hair or inner labia for that matter. Of course, if he's wonderful at oral, and takes his time, smooth outer labia would be ideal for nibbling but he does have hands and fingers too.

Some women say they orgasm better without pubic hair which seems strange considering the hair actually is there to ENHANCE sex. An unprotected clitoris can easily become numb and hardened when fabric rubs on it quite frequently from underwear.

How Pubic Hair Enhances Sex

Pubic hair plays a part in sex; it's there not only to protect but to increase arousal as it aids lubrication. As long as you keep clean down there it also traps the pheromones, the smells that perfume makers have been trying to replicate for decades as they turn men on in an instant.

There's something very sexy about discovering the hidden clitoris, or accessing skin underneath downy hair, and this has been forgotten. That's why it's high time to bring the fashion back.

Of course, an unwaxed bikini line wouldn't look right at a swimming pool, so neatness is essential for both men and women, however remember what made Elizabeth Hurley so famous? Nope it wasn't that dress, it was the photo-shoot were a few pubic hairs were seen by her knicker line, this photo made her the sexiest woman on earth for a time!