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Kick starting the romance

Kick starting the romance

Kick starting the romance

By Elena Ognivtseva

We’ve all been there. We have good intentions, but life and commitment do their very best to get in the way and all of sudden we find that it’s been weeks since we have spent quality time with our significant other. And we find ourselves in that cliché time of not paying enough attention to the person who means the most. We should take better care of our partners than anyone or anything else, but it’s so easy to let that slip.

And it’s not always about just making sure we have enough sex to keep each other happy – it goes beyond that. We need to always make a concerted effort to keep the romance alive and that does not have to be a daunting task.

It can be as easy as a quick text to say that you are thinking about him. Or a note in his lunch bag or briefcase telling him that you want to jump his bones when he gets home. Or how about sending a dirty picture when you know he’s going into a meeting?

You can surprise him with flowers – it doesn’t have to be him that only brings flowers to you. How about just planning a ‘date’ night as a surprise. Get a sitter, make reservations and just go.

Love notes here and there. Do something that he loves to do that you hate. Sit and snuggle and watch the game with him. Bring him a beer before he asks. Wear that favorite outfit even if you think it makes your butt look big.

Make him breakfast in bed. Cook his favorite meal. Light candles. Put on romantic music. Put the kids to bed early and make a desert that you can share together without sharing with anyone else.

Write him a story sharing something beautiful that you two did together. Make a photo album, sharing some of your more intimate and special times together. Make a collage of photos that you can put together online or print it out and make a poster to hang in his home office.

Clean out his car. Or book a golf date with his buddies and surprise him. Prepay for his golf cart; that will really get him excited.

There are lots of ways that you can bring some spark back into your relationship and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. It just needs attention, just like he does. Use your imagination and just do something small or big that will make him feel loved all over again.

If you want to really make sure you hit his love button, then read over something like the Five Languages of Love and see where he fits into those categories and do exactly what you know will make him happy.

Any effort you make will be paid back to you. You will feel good, he’ll be happy and together you will want to do more for each other and that’s what it is all about.