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Are you a plus-size woman who wants to delve into fetish clothing? Read this article as we equip you with plus-size fetish clothing basics.

In recent years, plus-size women have faced intense marginalization in the clothing industry. However, due to the growing social awareness, most clothing brands have started designing pieces for this group of women. Most women are hopping onto the fetish clothing bandwagon because lately, this clothing style has been the talk of the town. Also, women are after the sexiness and comfortability in any piece they choose to adorn, even if it means sampling fetish clothing.

Fetish Clothing

The fetish culture has been in existence for a long time. Only it rose to fame in the 70s, and since then, it has undergone intense modifications to the fetish world we now know of. Adorning a latex corset to work is more than just sexual empowerment. It is simply breaking the fashion barriers and allowing yourself to dive into the aesthetic world of unique fashion statements. Brill (2007) states that fetish clothing is more like a subtle act of rebellion, a powerful accessory that you can use regardless of where you lie on the curvy spectrum. Looking remarkable has been a challenge for plus-size women since time immemorial. Even though most designers are inclusive in their manufacture, most curvy females have difficulty finding their perfect fit. 

Basics On Plus Size Fetish Clothing

Picking The Right Size

No one knows your body better than you, not even your spouse or friends. When picking fetish clothing, the ultimate goal is to look sexy in any beholder’s eyes. You will want their eyes fixated on the right spots, like the busts or the bum. With the wrong size, you will not allude to any sexiness because the piece of clothing will hug the wrong spots. According to Jeffreys (2014), fetish clothing should confirm the body. For plus-size women, it is advisable to consider the MTM method, especially when shopping online. MTM refers to made-to-measure clothes. They are custom clothing designed using a standard-sized base pattern. Made-to-measure clothes are superior to ready-to-wear clothes because you are assured of a better fit to flatter your body. Most plus-size women feel the need to cover up the body parts they are uncomfortable with, which does more harm than good because it makes them look bigger.

Picking the Right Style

Style is a person’s way of making a fashion statement based on how they want to express themselves. Lunning (2013) states that fetish style is eccentric. Plus-size women after fetish clothing, be it harness sets or rubber skirts, should follow the steps below to modify their wardrobes into what they feel is best for them.

Find Fashion Inspiration

You can get mint inspiration from fashion blogs, websites, and even social media channels. You can also opt to spend time with fellow plus-sized females who are all about edgy fashion statements. Invest your time in piecing outfits that are sure to boost your style. 

Invest In a Capsule Wardrobe 

This refers to a collection of clothes that you can match with any piece to make a fashion statement. According to 안지윤. (2020), a capsule wardrobe is also referred to as a minimalist closet. It may include monochrome dresses, pants, suits, and leather pieces. These items should be simple but perfect for your everyday wear.

Pick a Color Depending On Mood

Most plus-size women live by the notion that dull colors work best for them. This is false because the need to look flattering should beat the need to pick an outfit based on color when it comes to fetish clothing. Fetish clothing is all about being bold and comfy in what you decide to put on. The rule of thumb is that any clothing fetish should match your mood and complexion. If they feel a bit sophisticated, black is the go-to. Moreover, baby pink is for submissive sessions and crimson for date night sessions.

Check The Material

The right material will hug all the right places, thus boosting your appearance, while flimsy material will enhance all the areas of your body that you feel are better off tucked into the darkness. Poor quality pieces of clothing are not durable, and it is only a matter of time before they embarrass you in a room full of people. Quality fabric is the determining factor in the style and beauty of any piece of clothing. Fetish clothing made of leather is adjustable, perfect for women of all sizes. The vegan leather harness is a favorite in the dominatrix world.

Boosting Your Fetish Clothing Style

As you delve into plus-size women's clothing, you will come across many pieces that fascinate you and those that do not. Even though fashion should be all about you, pay attention to what your partner says about your fashion pieces if you are in a relationship. You may even ask your partner what fashion pieces make you appear sexier. If you are a plus-size woman looking to venture into the world of fetish clothing, you have to find the bearing of your confidence. Like harnesses, rubber skirts and leather pieces require a lot of confidence. 

The Bottom Line

Plus size outfits for women have taken the back seat in most clothing brands, leading to most curvy women pairing outfits that do not boost their appearance. However, with the rise of fetish clothing, it is best to say that plus-size women are hopping onto this train. Most people view fetish wear as an obscene world of clothing. However, fetish clothing is all about confidence, sexual empowerment, and making aesthetic fashion statements, as outlined above. Plus-sized women have often been put in a box and fed whatever fashion pieces the market offers. However, with fetish clothing, they can rise and choose to be bold and embrace their imperfections.


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