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Preparing for a Hot Date Essential Grooming Tips

Preparing for a Hot Date Essential Grooming Tips

Preparing for a Hot Date Essential Grooming Tips

By Ksenia Sobchak

Imagine the scene: you have a date planned with someone you're 'seeing', and they suggest you come over for coffee afterwards. Chances are that your date might really just want to have a latte with you rather than get in a sexual froth, but it pays to be prepared if there's the slight chance that 'coffee' might be a cheeky euphemism.

Different people have contrasting views about grooming (for example, how much body hair is ok before it becomes a turn off), but there are some basic essential grooming tips which will help to avoid any possible embarrassments when you strip down.

To Shave, or Not To Shave?

Some guys like to shave their bits, reasoning that this makes their packages look bigger, but going overboard might not be wise, especially when a guy shaves days before, leaving stubble that will most likely chafe if there is oral sex on the menu. A little bit of 'manscaping' is worthwhile, even for those who consider themselves too manly to bother, since keeping things neat pleases most lovers. Everyone appreciates a little bit of effort when it comes to physical appearance. If you don't have a pubic forest of Amazonian proportions getting in the way, your lover might also be more inclined to linger longer with oral foreplay.

Let's Get Personal

It has to be said that good hygiene is a must while this might seem obvious advice, not everyone thinks to have a close look before a possible sexual encounter. There are gentle washes for women as well as personal wipes for him and her that are useful to keep in a pocket or a purse, and while these are generally useful for freshening up after sex, you might want to use one beforehand to make sure you are still appealingly clean.

Moisturise, Baby!

Once you have taken care of excess hair and personal hygiene, it doesn't hurt to use a good moisturizer to make sure that your skin will be seductively soft to the touch dry elbows and knees are easily avoidable if you make good skincare a part of your routine, especially before a sexual encounter. You also might not want to come across too keen, so a little preparatory trim is good, while excessive grooming that screams 'I've spent all day obsessing over this' could come across as either anxious or overeager.