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History, science, and technology have all impacted how the world has evolved. But something else has played a huge role in changing the world. Some say it was the original sin and is often a motivating force behind how things work. We are talking about sex. How has sex changed the world, and what impact does it have? This article addresses this topic.

Understanding sex today and how it is discussed is not how it was before. Sexual talk and diversity have been embraced in the world today. Change and growth have been associated with the history, science, and technological advancement in the world today. One thing, however, has impacted the world in a bigger way. According to Ismail & Abd Hamid (2016), talking about sex is often viewed as taboo in many societies. Sex has not been an open discussion and is shied away from. Regardless of the culture or biological view, it is evident that sex plays a huge role in this world. The mainstream media has led to changes in some policies and how we view sex generally. Sexual forums have allowed people to discuss and learn about sex. The advancement in technology has impacted the culture and use of sex toys. In this article, we will look into how sex has influenced the world.

View of Sex

The view of sex has changed in recent years. In the past years, sexual talk has not been openly discussed. The greatest impact that sex has had has been on the world's population. Sex is linked to our survival. Without sex, we wouldn't be alive by now. Lombard & Jones (2004) explained that beyond the biological reproduction through sex, it is also classified as a psychological need in Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Sex influences how we react to other people. Stories, advice, and rules about sex can be seen in the holy books and ancient books like the Kamasutra, which have guidelines and demonstrations about sex. Though sex has been openly discussed over time, it has been viewed in some communities as taboo and a sin to have before marriage. However, technology today has led to the awareness of sex and changed how people view sex.

Role of Media in Sex

Sex can be discussed openly and all over the media. This has created open discussions about all forms of sex, gender, and sexuality. The internet has made information about sex easily accessible. These forums can be used as a learning forum for sexual education. How has sex changed the world these days? The following are ways in which the view of sex has changed:

Use of Sex Toys

Technological advancement has changed the use of sex toys. In the past, sex toys were not widely used; if accessible, they were not as fancy as they are now. Now, they are as simple as portable as possible and simple devices that can even resemble a simple toy. There are a huge variety of sex toys these days to achieve almost everything to do with sex. Media representation of sex toys in movies has led to embracing these tools. Sex toys have been a way to learn about our sexuality, as pointed out by Tchepikova (2014). With sex toys, women can reach orgasms and achieve them fast as they tend to have fewer orgasms than men. Men can also have intense orgasms that can be achieved using sex toys.

Long-Distance Relationships

Couples who are far from each other now can communicate well through the advancement of technology. The use of digital media can enable them to communicate through video calls, send nudes, or also have mutual masturbation. On top of that, they can use toys to have pleasure. There are long-distance remote-controlled devices to stimulate the genitals that can enhance the sex life of couples. In this world, the use of dating apps has normalized long-distance relationships. Love does not have to be bound by distance. Interactive music can communicate sexual arousal for couples in long-distance relationships. These couples can use music-controlled sex toys. Arnold (2020) explained that these devices aim to facilitate remote tactile stimulation and express love, tenderness, and lust despite the distance.

Virtual Reality Porn and sex

The media has always been an important part of how we express ourselves sexually. Advancement in media technology has shaped how we experience and view sex. Porn is now mainstream and seen as an educative way to learn about sex. Virtual reality (VR) porn brings the sex scene closer and makes it feel real. Lombard & Jones (2004) explained that VR porn allows someone to wear a virtual headset and have sex with someone in another part of the world.


The dynamics of this world keep changing. History, power, and technological advancement have impacted how the world is evolving. Sex has also had its share. Sex has previously been a topic that people shy away from. Nowadays, the internet and media have made sex to be the norm. Talking and discussing sex in the current world is an open topic. People can share and learn about their sexuality. Advancement in technology has made sex toys to be simple and suit sexual preferences. These toys can now be easily ordered online and delivered discreetly. Virtual porn and sex have made the sexual experience more real. Sex toys and virtual sex has positively impacted long-distance relationships. Sex has changed the world positively and will continue to do that.


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