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The Importance of After Play

The Importance of After Play

The Importance of After Play

By Ekaterina Mironova

There’s always a lot of focus on foreplay as we need it to become fully aroused and ready for action, however after play plays an absolutely crucial role, and men and women should learn the importance of the snuggle.

We’ve all heard the stereotypes about women requiring a cuddle after sex whereas men just want to leg it, however if you are in love, after play plays an essential part in cementing the bond between you. During sex hormones are released from both of you that make you feel closer as a couple. These soon dissipate as soon as you’re dressed and departed, but after play makes sure they stick around until the next time you climb into bed. It brings you closer together, and allows you to relax in the company of your lover whilst at your very best, relaxed, satisfied and happy.

You Have a Part to Play

Of course you may be reading this thinking, “that’s all well and good but how do I make my partner stay long enough to play?” well initially you may have to take matters into your own hands to show him just how great it feels to be pampered after orgasm. When he’s climaxed, give him a good fut massage, concentrating on the pads beneath his big toes, then work up rubbing (not stroking that may induce giggles through tickling) his calves and his inner thighs. This should allow a contented sigh to drift from his lips as any remaining tension floats away. If he’s a considerate lover he’ll remember how good you made him feel and he’ll want to return the favour the next time.

Massage Anyone?

Although we usually use massage as a foreplay technique, imagine the joy you’d feel if your partner offer you an oily massage as you drifted off to sleep. You could completely relax and enjoy the strokes without knowing it will soon become active, leaving you drifting off into a slumber that would probably be the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time?

If you find it may be difficult to prompt your partner to do this, try exchanging a wish list where you both share your secrets of what you’d like to try in bed with each other. When he ticks a task off his list, he simply owes you one, and this will also serve to deepen the bond between you both without him even realising it.

Clean Up

Willy washers, paradoxically, can make us feel extremely dirty, and not in a good way, as they remove all traces of sexual fluid as if it will burn into their skin like acid when left a second too long. However after we’ve caught our breath back we do realise that we may have worked up a sweat and sharing a bath or a shower can be the ideal way to stay connected for longer after sex.

You can take turns washing each other clean, before slipping into fresh sheets for a good night’s sleep, or you may find that you both become thoroughly aroused again and repeat the process, either way the results will benefit the both of you!