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The Top Five Male Fantasies

The Top Five Male Fantasies

The Top Five Male Fantasies

By Ksenia Sobchak

There is an old expression that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but it's also equally well-known that the way into his pants is through his fantasies. Everyone fantasizes about people at work, celebrities, sexual encounters on the sly and daring erotic escapades: but what ranks up at the top when it comes to sexual fantasies? We explore the world of male sexual fantasies to see which fantasy comes in tops, and which ones follow suit to create the perfect Big Five.


Now that wasn't hard, was it? The old adage is true: the ultimate male fantasy is to share his partner with another woman for a girl-on-girl invites-only threesome that lets him take advantage of all the holes he can handle. Plus, there's plenty of eye-candy too.

Sexual role play

Fancy a fling with the local nurse, or considering joining the Mile High Club with the air hostess? You're not alone. Sexual role play features as the second most popular male fantasy and thanks to all of the great adult-themed dress up outfits out there, it's also one of the more frequently satisfied desires.

Prostitutes and sex-without-strings

Let's be really clear about this: it's that they want prostitutes, it's that they want sex with no-strings-attached for a once-off all-access sexual experience with emotional commitment. If he's fantasising about picking someone up to do the dirty, chances are, it's his partner wearing the fishnets in his fantasy.

Exotic destinations and sex cruises

Sexual fantasies are spiced up with a few easy location changes: a beach, a Jacuzzi, a nightclub. Sex cruises are another big destination factor with plenty of loving to go around for the time that you're on board. The less exotic fantasies are closer to home with a desire to have sex in the car, in the office, or in a public place like the library.

Getting caught in the act

The risk of potentially getting caught in flagrante is a huge turn-on for men and women alike. In a recent survey reported that 95% of men admit to masturbating and 41% have been caught in the act. While this may be one of the Big Five male fantasies, it also ranks high on the lady's list of sexual fantasies. 80% of women admit to masturbating, and 22.6% of female masturbators admit to having been intentionally walked-in on.