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The Ultimate List of Resources for Women’s Bras

The Ultimate List of Resources for Women's Bras

The Ultimate List of Resources for Women's Bras

By Tatyana Dyachenko

There is a long running joke that women always wait to get home just to chuck the bra and let it all hang free and lose. While this may be case, there still needs to be bras worn when leaving the confines of the safe zone that is the home. Bras these days have shifted from functional items and have become a way to make a statement. There are so many different types of bras that purchasing one soon turns into a nightmare that never seems to end. However, there are a few basic bras that you can start off with as they match the functionality with sophisticated beauty and comfort.

The Ultimate List of Resources for Women’s Bras

Demi Cup Bra

This bra combines simplicity and sophistication to give you something that isn’t overtly sexual but yet gives off sexy vibes. The bra just covers enough to be considered decent. The lower part of the boob is covered and just past the nipple. A greater part of the top boob is uncovered exposing the beautiful skin. The bra also makes a point of pushing the boobs close together and up to reveal a cleavage that just draws the eyes.

The exposed skin looks so supple and soft and will have you feeling all sexy and fine all day long. However, this bra is made for small to medium sized boobs. Large boobs would end up spilling over the fabric and this would be a case of discomfort all day or night long.

Adhesive Bra

This bra has taken the world by storm. For years women have been looking for a way to still rock their backless dresses and still have their boobs held up especially those with sizeable boobs. The adhesive bras have been endorsed by celebs such as Amber Rose who actually have large titties. The adhesive bras come in so many designs but the common factor is that they cover the front and hold the boobs up without the need for any straps. The adhesive bra ensures that even those blessed with big boobs can finally rock the backless pieces without wondering how their boobs are hanging down the front. This removes the need for the tape option as a way of holding the boobs in place.

Push Up Bra

This has been a wonder bra for generations. The push up bra is an innovative garment that ensures anyone can rock a dope cleavage no matter the boob size. The push up bra squeezes the boobs together while pushing them up. For those with big boobs, this creates the jiggle effect with every step. Push up bras are sexy and also ensure that you feel as sexy as you look. They come in all sizes, but for those with big boobs wearing a push up bra may seem like overkill.

Those that have top or dress that needs an accompanying visible cleavage never go wrong by getting a push up bra to make their dreams come true.  There are so many different designs and cuts that you could collect push up bras for years and never exhaust your options.

Full Cup Bras

Full cup bras provide excellent support and are very comfortable. They are especially designed for those with medium and large boobs. The full cover ensures that the boobs take the shape of the bra, which has a beautiful curve and is especially great for that simple and comfortable look. The full cup work best for everyday use especially if you are active at work as there is no chance of any slip ups if you have one on.

Strapless Bra

This bra was the greatest savior when the strapless dress made its comeback. Exposed bra straps are cringe worthy at best and there needs to be a way to wear that strapless dress without inflicting unnecessary pain upon the people on the streets. The strapless bra has to be a perfect fit to ensure that you do not have a slip up or a slip down. The strapless bra comes in various sizes, designs and materials to ensure that every woman gets to enjoy the sexy moment where their collar bones are sensually exposed during the hot date or dinner party.

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