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Sex is a sexual activity, behavior or practice performed alone or with a partner. People have different sexualities, and they enjoy sex in different manners. Sex can be performed orally, vaginally, or anally but is not limited to penetration. There are different positions and ways in the sex world to achieve sexual pleasure.

Below, we will discuss the weirdest sex records that have been set across the world. Some of them are outrageous, bizarre, and interesting. 

World’s Largest Penis

It is estimated at 13.5 inches when erect. The American actor and writer identifies himself as bisexual. Jonah Falcon works as a blog editor in the gaming sector. He declined an offer to work in the pornographic field and said he did not want an easy way out that would not help his acting career genuinely.

Interestingly, his huge load was considered a suspicious weapon from how it was bulging from his pants. He was stopped at the San Francisco Airport when the security body scanner beeped. He was taken away for additional screening but was later released.

World’s Largest Vagina

Born in Nova Scotia, this Scottish woman is said to have the biggest vagina. She was considered a giant as she was tall and weighed 419 pounds at her heaviest. Anna Swan was born a normal child, but she grew up rapidly to a height of seven feet at the age of 19. She got married and, in 1879, gave birth to a huge baby who weighed 26 lbs. Anna never publicly showed her vagina. Therefore, through research, it was noted that Anna’s passage stretched to around 15cm compared to the required 10cm, which is considered normal. 

World’s Strongest Vagina

This Russian gymnast and mother made it to the Guinness Book of Records when she lifted 31 pounds of weight, equivalent to 14kg, with her crotch muscles. She had been practicing for 15 years before gaining the title. Tatyana Kozhevnikova, with her patent workout, intimate gymnastics, inserts a wooden egg, with safety, up her vagina. This wooden egg has a string that hangs, attaching itself to the weight, the kegel way. With the wooden egg in place, she does a few tricks with her muscles strongly holding the weight. 

Tatyana Kozhevnikova felt her crotch muscles were getting weak and decided to do some research. She noticed that ancient people used wooden balls to address this issue, hence the trial.

World’s Biggest Orgy

This record is set by Japan, with 500 people (250 men and 250 women) consenting to participate in the orgy. The participants were tested for diseases and infections before their involvement in the act. The orgy took place in a warehouse with high-end professional camera people taking videos and pictures of the whole act.

The whole act was choreographed, and they simultaneously changed positions with each sexual act. 

World’s Biggest Gangbang

With 919 men on the same day, the American pornographic star Lisa Sparxx sets the world record as she engages in sexual activities with all the men. She took part in the 2004 World Gangbang Championship and Eroticon and made out with 919 men in the 24-hour duration.

World’s Longest Masturbation

Since masturbation is a form of sex, it is considered weird that the longest masturbation took 9 hours and 58 minutes. Japan gets its pride from Masanobu Sato, who won the endurance title in the Masturbate-a-thon fundraiser, held annually in San Francisco. This event dates back to the 1990s, but the world record was set in 2009.

The world’s record for longest masturbation is recognized by the Centre for Sex and Culture and not the Guinness Book of Records.

World’s Oldest Virgin

Some people love exploring and improving their sex life. Others find it a waste of time. In 2008, Clara Meadmore, who hails from the United Kingdom, came out to the public. At the age of 105 years, she claims she was able to stay a virgin by abstaining. She later explains that she felt intimacy was a hassle and that she was too busy to engage in physical intimacy or relationships.

Clara Meadmore died at the age of 107, just a few months to her 108th birthday.

World’s First Porn

Le Coucher de la Mariée, translated to Bedtime for the Bride or The Bridegroom’s Dilemma in English, is the oldest form of pornography. It dates back to 1896, when a French actress, Louise Willy, is the star. The film is 7 minutes long, which is quite tame, as the nude scene is only two minutes long. 

It features a bride who does a striptease to the bridegroom. This was a scene to behold during the 19th century. 

World’s Largest Natural Breasts

Some people get sexually aroused by large or bigger breasts. Anna Hawkins-Turner holds this record by having the heaviest, largest breasts of 102ZZZ. They measure 70 inches, with each breast weighing 56 pounds. Norma Stitz, her stage name, holds the Guinness Book Of Records as one with the largest natural breasts.

World’s Long-Lasting Erection

An Iranian man decided to tattoo his boner to impress and express his love to his girlfriend. The 21-year-old man wrote the initial M followed with words of wisdom “borrow be salaamat” to mean “good luck on your journeys.” The Iranian man has a semi-erection that will never go away.


The world is full of wonders, and more shock has been seen by the above sex-related topics that hold different records worldwide. Some have gained the titles through mere competitions, while others hold Guinness Book of Records. 

Some of these things are kinks, and people tend to gain interest in performing some of these practices. The record-holders find pride in receiving the titles. The sex records are weird but interesting to read.