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Top 10 Sex Games

Top 10 Sex Games

Top 10 Sex Games - Kinky Sex Games for Adults to Play in Bed

By Ekaterina Mironova

Getting the bedroom play to encompass some new techniques and adventurous forms is as easy as getting your hands on some games. Designed for adult purposes, these games should be kept well away from the family space after use. From card based games to board games, the running theme of every game is geared towards some form of sexual satisfaction. The games range from foreplay to straight up requests, making the anticipation levels rise to the highest levels.

If you are trying to find the game that will have you and your partner in a gleeful mode, here are some great recommendations;

Kama Sutra Playing Cards

For those looking for a game that will challenge their flexibility, the Kama Sutra playing cards will do just that. Poker gets a whole lot more fun with these cards as you get to enjoy the fruits of your winnings in positions that you have never tried before. Each card has a different position on it, giving you a visual hint on how your bodies should be positioned.

Talk Dirty Playing Cards

When it comes to bedroom speech, not everyone is blessed with the right words and even the pairing of the right words to get the ball rolling. With this game, the cards contain words that are slick enough to get the panties dropping to the ground and the head stiff as a board. If you plan on getting some verbal arousal game going, this set of cards will give your tongue the magic power to utter the right combination that will let you into the magical cave. If you play this game for a while you will find yourself marginally improving you bedroom speech skills.

Sex Dice

If you can’t really make up your mind which position to indulge yourself in, just toss the dice and voila! you have your decision made for you. The dice give a combination that ensures you get to make even the simplest of positions more intense. Get a hold of these dice and take turns choosing the next position. The adventure will have you engaging for hours on end as you cannot wait to get to the next position.

Foreplay Dice

Unlike their sex counterparts, these dice give you the foreplay moves that will have the both of you tearing clothes off just to make the anticipation end. This game is simply powerful, making sure that both of you find new ways of taking each other to the edge without penetration.

Cards with Props

These cards contain various scenarios that should be played out. Some of the plays require a few props for authenticity and to ensure that you have all that you need to thoroughly enjoy the game. The inclusion of the props eliminates the stress that is bound to be experienced while trying to find the props that you require to complete the play.

Kinky Board Games

Unlike the normal child friendly board games, this one features a whole lot sexual acts that can be indulged in. Each level features a whole new set of scenarios, making sure that the game has no chance of becoming boring at any point in time.

Foreplay In a Row

This is a kinky rendition of connect the dots. The simple game is fun and competitive but there are really no losers as the tasks on the dots are beneficial to both parties.


These are redeemable vouchers that get you closer to your partner within no time. The voucher has at least one romantic or kinky thing that you have to do for your partner. This gets you exploring all the sexual and sweet things that get you and your partner deep into each other. There are usually 52 vouchers, enough to span the 52 weeks in a year.


Sex cheques are a great way to get your partner to cash in on some steamy sexual favors. These make sure that you get your fantasies known and your partner gets to fulfill those.

Scratch Cards

Just like playing lottery, you scratch the card to reveal the positions underneath. When three line up, you get to receive the prize that has been revealed.