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6 Reasons You Should Try Sex Lubricant

6 Reasons You Should Try Sex Lubricant

6 Reasons You Should Try Sex Lubricant

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Lubrication is of great importance when it comes to penetrative sex. From anal sex, toy sex to vaginal sex, lubrication is the difference between a pleasurable session and a painful experience. If you are on the fence about getting extra help in the bedroom, here are a few reasons why that bottle is an important addition in your bedroom;

Maintain Longer Sessions

A great number of sexual sessions are cut in short due to the natural moisture drying out. With lube, you get to experience the joys of a longer session without the worry of drying out. The slick and smooth ride is maintained for a long time, allowing you and your partner to indulge your creativity in the play. Whether it is a masturbation session, vaginal or anal play, time becomes an asset, allowing you to surpass your performance time by miles. Even if the lube feels a bit dry, all you have to do is reapply and you get to carry on the game. With lube, the only question becomes whether you have the stamina to keep on.

Slick Slide and Glide

Friction is an unwanted element when it comes to sex as it causes unbearable pain and spoils the whole experience. To thoroughly enjoy the session, a slick and smooth ride is required. Lube adds to the natural moisture, making the strokes super smooth, increasing the pleasure derived from the session. For activity such as anal sex, there is no natural lubrication, making every penetrative attempt extremely painful due to the high friction. For this reason, lube becomes necessary as it provides the smooth glide that eases the strokes, making anal sex pleasurable.

Tasty Oral

Going down on your partner may feel like a chore especially if you are averse to the taste of the genital fluids. To counter this, oral compatible lubricants are infused with all sorts of tasty flavors to ensure that you never have to endure oral sex again. With the promise of elimination of the unpleasant aftertaste, you get to enjoy being of service. Your partner will be fully appreciative of the new found enthusiasm that is guaranteed to be a win-win for all those involved. Take charge today, choose your favorite flavor and show your partner how great your skills are when there are no limiting factors.

6 Reasons You Should Try Sex Lubricant

Quick Action

A fast and furious session is always greatly limited when the parties are not well lubricated for a quick and intensive session. To eliminate the need for the time consuming foreplay that may not even be effective as you may be in too much of a rush, get a bottle of lube. The lubricant provides instant lubrication allowing for a fast entry, getting the session going without fuss or muss. Give this a shot and you will get to discover the amazing benefits of quickies and the powerful short sessions.

Creative Foreplay

In addition to lubrication, some lubricants are designed to provide multiple functions. Some are also massage oils, others are tasty treats. Whichever the extra functionality is, the foreplay is bound to become an interesting event. Rather than save the lube for the grand finale, use it to come up with new ways to get the engine revving. By lathering specific areas with the lube, you get to take the time to lick it off, effectively killing two birds with one stone. Enjoy the pleasures of oral exploration by getting your partner covered in the tasty and glorious liquid.

6 Reasons You Should Try Sex Lubricant


Water based games are so much fun and the urge to indulge your sexual sessions in the water is something most people find irresistible. However, after a period of time in the water, the natural lubrication diminishes and the skin starts to dry out. For this reason, lubrication becomes fundamental for water based sexual play. Ensure that the lube is not water based. Whether you are indulging in anal, toy, vaginal or solo play, the lube ensures that you do not have to get out of the water unless you really want to.

Lubricants are great, but the different types are intended for different uses due to their composition. Before choosing your lube, make sure you follow the lubricant guide to avoid choosing a product that may not meet your needs.

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