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Answering Your Questions About Water-Based Lubricants

Answering Your Questions About Water-Based Lubricants

Answering Your Questions About Water-Based Lubricants

By Elena Ognivtseva

Q: Do I have to use a water-based lubricant with my silicone toy?

A: Absolutely. Silicone lubes eat away at silicone toys, quickly destroying them. You definitely don’t want to end up with a pitted and deformed toy. Every brand of water-based can be safely used with any of your silicone toys.

Q: I’ve had problems with vaginal yeast infections. Is it safe for me to use water-based lubricants?

A: There are many brands of water-based lubes that will work wonderfully for you. Glycerin’s the component in some brands of water-based lubricants that can trigger a yeast infection, so as long as you make sure that the lubricant you’re considering is glycerin-free, you won’t have any problems.

Q: Are there any water-based lubricants that don’t leave a sticky residue?

A: Residue has been a problem with older formulations of water-based lube, but most of the newer lubes add moisturizer to their formula. This makes the lube gentler to your skin and eliminates the residue problem.

Q: My partner and I enjoy having sex in our hot tub. Is there a good water-based lube we can use for this?

A: Afraid not. The water base that makes these lubricants easy to wash off makes them completely unsuitable for sexual escapades in the water. You’ll want a good silicone lube for that kind of fun.

Q: Are there any water-based lubes that are good for anal sex? I’ve heard that they’re pretty thin and dry up quickly.

A: There sure are. Water-based lubricant manufacturers can adjust the lube’s viscosity to make thicker lubes that are perfect for all of your favorite anal activities. Just make sure that the lube’s manufacturer indicates that the lube’s designed for anal play and you’ll be just fine.

Q: What should I look for in a water-based lube to use when I jack off?

A: You’ll want to look for a thicker lube, so that you won’t have stop to reapply the lube just when things are getting really enjoyable. Any water-based lube that’s marketed as an anal lube will be perfect for all your masturbatory pleasures.

Manglide Sex Lubricant

It’s taken for granted that a great lube makes amorous encounters hotter and more comfortable than your garden variety sex lubricant. When the mood is right, you don’t want it interrupted by the sensation of unexpected friction after a cheap lubricant has dried up and left you in the lurch. Happily, there’s a lube that’s long-lasting, silky smooth, and complements your body’s natural lubrication to provide unparalleled sensual comfort. Manglide is that lube and once you experience it’s magic, you’ll never be tempted to try any other.

Manglide lubricant is a water-based lube, which means that it’s perfectly safe to use with any type of condom or sensual accessory. Silicone lubricants have a particularly serious drawback – use them on silicone toys and they’ll degrade the material, turning your favorite dildos into candidates for the recycling bin. You can use this lubricant with confidence. Its water-based formula makes it safe to use with all of your favorite adult toys and its safe to use with any condom. Its silky layers of lubrication perfection will make your erotic accessory sessions some of the most comfortable and pleasurable that you’ll ever experience.

Many water-soluble sex lubricants can feel tacky and leave an unpleasantly sticky residue behind that takes forever to scrub off. That’s not the case with Manglide. It goes on smooth and clean and comes off the same way. You’ll feel positively invigorated when you experience its moisturizing action, as well. It’s a lubricant that’s specifically formulated to enhance the body’s own lubrication, making it feel clean and natural.

Anybody who’s into penetrative anal fun knows that the right lube is critical to ensuring comfort and pleasure. Anal lubes don’t come any better than Manglide lubricant. It’s thick enough to ensure smooth and easy penetration for exhilarating encounters that will excite and delight you.

You’d expect the makers of Astroglide to develop a water-based lube that provides exceptional comfort and performance. They’ve excelled themselves with Manglide. Wherever your sensual appetites take you, this sex lubricant adds a level of comfort and satisfaction to your experience that will send your senses soaring.

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