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Lube is amazing, but it is very messy. Sexually active people need lube for the slide, the glide, and the fun, so it's no surprise that it can be messy.

Lube stains are the last things you want to deal with on your nice linen sheet. The mess that lube causes can have you developing a phobia for lube. You wanted dirty freaky sex, and lube brought in the real mess for you, and now you have to start searching the internet for ideas of lube stain removal. Neat freaks cannot cope with the lube mess. But the good news is that if lube makes you angry, you can apply lube with a lube tube applicator. Here is the reason why the lube tube applicator is a must-have item;

Being economical

Everyone tries to think of ways to save money. When all you want is a few drops and lube pours out of the tube, that is wastage. Lube may not be expensive, but we do not want to keep on buying lube the same way we buy milk. Besides, there is still the stigma waiting for you at the pharmacy. Some people feel sorry for you for not being lubricated enough that you need lube, and others wonder what you want to use the lube for. We need to use it drop by drop. According to Dubberley (2021), using as little lube as possible while pouring it from the tube may be a hot mess because often it pours out as if it were oil. The lube tube applicator restricts the amount that comes out of the tube. You pour the drop right where you want it.

No more dirty lube sheets

The sheets are usually the first casualties of the messy lube. You may want to have sex and continue with your life, but lube stains on your sheets will not give you the chance to have that peace. It isn't easy to use lube without staining sheets. And some lube stains are tougher to wash than others. When you use the lube tube applicator, you may still stain your sheets because the lube will mix with the bodily fluids, but you will not have to deal with as many stains as you would have dealt with if you poured lube straight onto the body and it spilled on the sheets.

Being sexy

No one wants to worry about staining sheets when having sex. The only thing that should be on your mind is how to have great sex. Ayehunie et al. (2018) explained that the lube is not applied to the vagina and anus only. Sometimes you may want to use it on other body areas to enhance arousal. You could apply the lube to the nipples. You will not be able to do so if you have to pour on your palm first. Lube is messy. If you pour the lube on your palms or the body parts, you'll be on the highway to a slippery slope if you pour. You want to use it for a sensual massage, for mutual masturbation, to be able to pour droplet by droplet. For that to happen, you will need a lube tube applicator.

Perfect for applying lube in condoms

Gharehghani (2020) stated that most people complain about condoms not being as good as raw sex. Condoms have a better feel when individuals use lube. The lube also helps keep the condom from getting torn, which makes the condom effective in protecting us from STDs. You can purchase condoms that are already lubricated. If you would like to make the condom more slippery, you would need to pour some drops of lube into the tip of the condom, and that's where the lube tube applicator comes in handy.

Very discreet

Lubes are still stigmatized. Maybe your partner is among the people that would not want to have a partner that uses lube. Lube use is a personal decision, and some people would sexually suffer if they did not use lube. If your vagina is dry or you are having anal sex, if you avoid using lube, you will not only have painful sex, but you will also have injuries. Take care of yourself by ensuring that you are always lubricated before having sex. You can discreetly add some drops of lubricant into your vagina or anus, and your partner will never know, and you will enjoy sex. The lube tube applicator can ensure that you enjoy sex as you wish.

It is versatile

If you ever need to place some droplets, you can use the applicator. It is not strictly for the lubricants. But clean it after use.

Can be recycled

You can use the lube tube applicator for a long time if you use it properly. You will save money while having less lube mess in your sex life. That means you will have more fun while having sex, which means you will be happy.

Convenient and hygienic

Using an applicator ensures that hygienically delivers the right amount of lube to the right place. You can use it to apply the lube as deeper as you want into the vagina or anus as it is convenient. It fits well in your life. You could even carry it in your purse. There is no hustle in using a lube tube applicator. 

Perfect for handjobs

Lube is great for handjobs. You may need to incorporate lube for the perfect handjob. You will not need a lot of lube. More is not better in non-penetrative sex. You will need just a few drops for fun. The lube tube applicator will be available to ensure that you place the number of drops necessary for the handjob.


Water-based lube is usually the best lube if you are looking for less mess. When water-based lubes stain sheets, they are easy to clean. But the water-based lubes are sticky, and at some point, they dry out, so they are not the most effective lubes. People looking for better lube go for the silicon and the oily ones, which guarantee better satisfaction, can be used for massage and can be dropped into condoms. But when the oily and silicone lubes are used and stain the sheets, the Syrians are very difficult to clean.


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