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Sex has mostly been defined as the penetration of a penis into a vagina. However, penetration does not necessarily have to happen during sex. Some of the pleasurable lesbians' sex positions include; scissoring, spooning, cowgirl, and missionary.

According to Peplau et al. (1977), people view sex differently. Lesbians have no penis for penetration, and to pleasure themselves, they need to come up or try out different sexual activities to achieve their sexual needs and desires. Lesbians can have different sex positions that can be done during oral, fingering, and strap-on sex. Some of these sex positions might be hard to get through, but what's the harm in trying. You might get the hang of it all. Read on to understand the different pleasurable sex positions for lesbians.

Sex Positions During Oral Sex

Middle Of the Legs

One partner can lie down and spread her legs wide apart, while the other puts themselves in a squatting position and tries to lick her vagina. This position works best if you want to achieve an orgasm because the partner is in a relaxing position.

Edge Of the Seat

A partner can sit at the edge of the seat or bed with the butt slightly positioned slightly off the edge of the seat. The one who is to perform the oral sex can kneel and put on a pillow for the other. They can then rub the clit or lick it if it is within their reach.

From Behind    

You can try to lick your partner's pussy by being bent. You can sit in a doggy position while the giver tries to lick it. You can also try rimming if your partner is into it by licking or fingering their butt hole.

Sitting On Their Face 

If you like to dominate and be in charge, this position will work best. Your partner will lie down on the bed, floor, or wherever they are comfortable. You can then gently sit on their face and let your pussy reach their tongue. Try to sexually grind on their face and enjoy yourself as she licks you. 

69 Sixty Nine

The partner who feels comfortable enough to be at the bottom will lie down. The other will try and lie on top, with the bodies against each other. Your clitoris should be within each other’s reach. You can then lick the clitoris or even finger your partner if you are comfortable. This position works best because you get to experience pleasure simultaneously.

Sex Positions During Fingering 

Chow et al. (2016) defined fingering as the insertion of fingers into the genitals for stimulation. The sex positions ideal for this type of sexual act include:


Your partner can finger herself while sitting on top of you as you watch. You might feel some stimulation. You can also try to finger and rub her clit as she faces you.


This sex position involves partners lying beside each other, one in the front and the other at the back. The partner behind you will then try to rub your clit. You can raise your top leg, and your partner will try to reach your clit from underneath your leg and try to finger you in that position.

Doggy Style  

DeAngelo, D. (2001) explained that the doggy style sex position is the best if you want to explore your partner’s body. This sex position requires you to bend down while your partner kneels behind you. This position allows you to reach her clit and rub it or even finger her. The partner can also rub her clit as you are fingering her.

Strap-On Sex

People who enjoy penetrative sex would love this. The strap-ons have a penetrative penis for stimulations.


One partner puts the strap on while the other partner lies down on the bed. They spread their legs while their partner dives in with the strap on for penetration. The strap has space for a dildo that you can use on your partner. Make sure the dildo does not inflict pain on your girlfriend.


The partner that has worn the strap-on can lie down while the other sits on top to get penetrated.

Doggy Style 

A dildo should be used in this sex position for the G-spot stimulation. One partner can bend down while the other kneels behind them. The one at the back can grab the hips or the thighs of the other to hold them while they penetrate. You can switch positions once your partner climaxes, and the other can wear the strap on.

Rear Entry

One partner lies on the belly while the other is on top of the body. The bottom partner spreads her legs to help the other partner penetrate through the pussy or the butt. This sex position is great because one can feel the closeness. You get to feel each other and connect deeply.


It is common knowledge that sex does not have to be penetrative to be considered real sex. It does not have to involve a penis or a vagina. Modern love has revolutionized, and we are now exploring different sexual activities. Some are attracted to the same gender. They try to spice up their sexual life by trying different sex positions. The end goal is to achieve some pleasure. In lesbian sex, both partners want to feel pleasure. You can try switching roles. If one partner does an act, switch it up and do the same to them.  


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