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4 Tricky Sex Positions To Treat Yourself On Halloween

4 Tricky Sex Positions To Treat Yourself On Halloween

4 Tricky Sex Positions To Treat Yourself On Halloween

Also known as All Saints' Eve, Halloween is a celebration observed in some countries on 31st October to remember the departed souls, hallows, and martyrs. Although most people attend Halloween parties, some prefer to stay indoors. If you plan to stay indoors with your lover on this freaky day, this is the perfect time to experiment with different sex positions for high sex drive .

Halloween is one of the best holidays to experiment with something new in the bedroom with your lover. The weather, excitement, and sexy costumes that make up this day favor every move you will take to get the best sex of your life. These moves include trying scary sex positions with your partner. Here are the tricky sex positions to help you last longer in bed on a spooky Halloween night with your lover.

Bouncing Reverse Girl

Like the classic reverse cowgirl, bouncing reverse girl stimulates the G spot and other sweet spots like the A-spot. To achieve this position, ask the receiving partner to lie on their back and climb on top of them. Face the opposite direction, giving your lover the stimulating view of your butt or back, and gently sit on their penis or strap on a dildo. Dig your heels or foot into the bed or floor, and start bouncing gently. As things heat up, intensify your movements for intense sensations. Pay attention to your bouncing to keep your lover's penis or sex toy inside you and avoid accidentally fracturing them. In general, this position supports deep penetrative anal or vaginal sex. However, you can modify this position depending on your desires, flexibility, and body shapes or sizes to enhance hand and oral sex, duo masturbation, and sex toy play. Although it is one of the best sex positions for beginners because of its simplicity, bouncing reverse girl requires plenty of lubrication for more pleasure.

The Sofa Brace

The sofa brace is one of the best sex Positions for high sex drive and is closely related to the doggy style. However, in the sofa brace, a sofa couch is used to support the receiving partner while being penetrated anally or vaginally from behind. To achieve this position, get on your knees on the sofa and rest the upper part of your body on the side of your sofa. Once ready, the penetrating partner should get on their knees behind you and penetrate you anally or vaginally, depending on the stimulations you want. The quality of orgasms will depend on the intensity of the movements from the penetrating partner.

This position can also be performed on the stairs, where the receiving partner gets on their knees and leans on the stairs above, allowing the penetrative partner to have greater access to pleasure zones.

Bobbing for Apples

Halloween comes with special moments that allow you to go out of your normal sex routine to experiment with new sex positions to help you last longer in bed. Bobbing for Apples is similar to the classic 69 sex position but slightly modified to take your Halloween intimate nights to another level. Here, assume the normal 69 position and then roll onto your sides. You can then give each other oral pleasure with licking, rapid taps, tongue swirls, gentle nibbles, and sucking. As the play intensifies, incorporate a bullet vibrator or any other sex toy to stimulate other erogenous zones, including the nipples, labia, perineum, and inner thighs.

Bobbing for Apples is among the best Halloween-themed sultry moves that allow you to have oral sex like a pro. To fit the day's theme, you can perform this position in  Halloween costumes.

Skull and Boner

This Halloween-themed position allows deep penetration for G spot stimulation and easy clitoris access. To assume skull and boner, find a chair or stool that the receiving partner will drape over. Once positioned, the giver gets between the receiving partner's legs and penetrates them. The deep penetrations allow easy reach and stimulation of the G spot. Moreover, you can add a vibrator to the play to stimulate the exposed clitoris. This position is called skull and boner because it allows the receiving partners to have their heads back and lowered when being penetrated, resulting in a sensual head rush.

Pumpkin Snatch

Typically, the pumpkin snatch position is a form of spooning. In this position, both partners lay on their sides, and the giver penetrates the receiving partner from behind. Although this is one of the sex positions to help you last longer in bed, it is not best for intense clit orgasms. Nonetheless, the pumpkin snatch position can make your Halloween moments memorable. For more stimulation, the receiving partner should open their legs and drape them over the penetrating partner's thighs to allow easy access to the clitoris.

The Bottom Line

How do you plan to spend your Halloween? Which costumes are you and your lover going to wear? If you plan to spend the day indoors, erotic Halloween sex can spice up the day. However, you will need hot positions that easily satisfy your sexual whims and desires. This blog rounds up the 4 best-ever sex positions to play dirty during Halloween. Before hitting the bedroom, you can practice these positions to make your session wild. However, it is important to take things slow and observe safety to avoid injuries.

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