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The G-spot has some misconceptions that scientists fail to approve. However, most women have confirmed their love of getting rubbed at this spot. Perhaps it offers an intensifying internal sensitization, or the area has huge orgasmic rewards when hit correctly. Whichever the case, there are tricks to positively hold this part hostage and get the most out of penetration. This discussion contains five drool-worthy sex styles for undoubted internal arousal with guaranteed orgasms. Let's read on to find out more.

The Pusher

In this sex position, get into a sublime angle; the receiver lies down, facing up, and presses or crosses their legs at an angle. The giver goes on top and straddles the bottom partner, staying on upright knees. He then substitutes deep thrusting with shallow thrusts that take him to the exact point he wants.

The Exploration

The bottom lies on their back and starts performing magic to the clit. The other partner helps by curving their finger and sliding it inside to trace a raised zone, about two inches deep. The bottom continues to handwork on her clit. The top heightens the clitoral stimulation using different pleasuring techniques, such as tapping, pressing, or stroking in various motions to deliver intensifying sensations beyond measure.

The F You

The vagina-having person goes on top, assuming the old missionary sex style, supporting themselves with the arms and their legs between the bottom. The bottom can position a lubed finger around their pubic bone, allowing the top to softly slide against it for maximum pleasure.

The G- Force Use

In this style, the guy leans back, supporting himself with his hands. The woman sits on him and leans back, supporting herself with her hands. This is followed by thrusting action that will leave you screaming in ecstasy. Remember to use a toy or fingers on the clit for ultimate stimulation and pleasure. 

Climbing Mountain G

The bottom lies on their back, raising the waist using a pile of soft material or pillows. This will move the butt far from their head, then bend the knees even more towards the chest area. Ensure the G-spot is in the best position for proper thrusting.

Other Sex Positions For Targeted G-spot Stimulation

The Captain

This position may not be favorable for partners with tighter hamstrings. Execute this style by letting the receiver lay down with their legs upright in the air. The top partner should help spread the bottom's legs by holding their legs at the ankle level, then penetrate and begin thrusting to give pleasurable internal stimulations. This sex position is great for deeper penetration that directly reaches the G-spot. It also allows the vagina-having person partner to work on steaming their clit using fingers for additional sensations, leading to multiple orgasms.

Lifted Missionary

Many women love this sex position as it concentrates on their pleasure and eliminates the performing pressure during sex sessions. However, missionary style gives extremely few chances of hitting the clit. The best thing is helping your partner to up the play. Have a pile of pillows under her lower back area. 

Squatting Cowgirl

The penetrating partner lies on their back with their feet firmly grounded. The woman gets on top and straddles the guy facing him. The squatting cowgirl sex position gives great access to the G-spot with your partner’s feet positioned near you for firmness. A modification includes holding their hips for more support to lift them and push down thrusting against the penis, which encourages internal arousal. 

Flat Doggy Style

The doggy sex position is popular for ultimate internal stimulations. You can enhance your partner’s chances of achieving an orgasm by letting her lie flat on their tummy and lifting the bum just a bit. Penetrate from behind with your legs straddled on her. You can have deeper penetrations as it allows your penis to easily curve and head at the internal sweet area, the G-spot. She can get a double ride for multiple orgasms by using a magical wand massager on her clit. That means she’ll get simultaneous stimulations on her clit and internally. Suppose she complains of lower back discomfort, put a pillow below her hips.

The Happy Baby

Lying on her back, let her legs go up with her knees bent and well-spread. The knees should be slightly higher to allow penetration. It's best to let her grip her soles' feet with her hands for more stability. This happy baby pose is wonderful as it allows internal stimulation and access to the clitoris. You can stimulate her clit using one hand as the other grabs her hip for more support.

The Bottom Line

Historically, the G-spot has gained popularity in giving ultra-powerful orgasms. Unfortunately, there's a lot of misinformation about it. Some people view the G-spot as an organ, but research shows it is part of the clit. Little information is important to understand what's best for reaching this erotic area. The above article has given insights on multiple sex positions to internally stimulate you and offer more orgasms. Go through it to get tips for a wonderful time with your partner.

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